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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quickly approved the implanting of VeriChip RFID Chips in humans. They have called the implanting of RFID chips in people “safe” and an “innovative technology”.

What the FDA has failed to recognize is that numerous studies have shown a high percentage of animals with the RFID chip implants grew cancerous tumors.

Several studies have been conducted since 1996 involving laboratory mice, rats, and some dogs and all studies found that the animals who were implanted had a high rate of cancerous tumors which would grow around the chip.

When asked if they knew about these studies, the FDA said they had no knowledge of them. When asked what studies they did review before approving the chip, the FDA refused to reveal that information.

A Freedom of Information Act request was then submitted by RFID chip expert and privacy advocate Dr. Katherine Albrecht. The FDA claimed they had no documents that matched that request.

[link to www.learnaboutemfs.com]
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