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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am sure there are many other life forms-the key is discerning if they are hostile or seemed to be 'of light' and are just masquerading....discerning ALL. I feel I have had contact and think others likely have as well. Some have had positive experiences and others report negative oones.

Personally I am more concerned about world govts and things like the GRBs and CMEs we are going through and will continue to see during solar maximum. The world govts are a more pressing issue-more dangerous to me

I can do nothing about a comet or GRBs striking and wiping out all electronics with an EMP-
NOTHING I can do to prevent THAT. I can shield my computer or try to make my house more protective...

There is little I can do about it...OTOH I need to keep an eye on world govt as most seem apathetic to the will of the people or even a Creator-

It is the only way to remove mans inalienable rights by denying a Creator...and getting the masses to allow that...

Interesting what they choose to censor...cannot have people thinking about so-called endtimes can they???
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