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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Seems many have noticed those who are the 'leaders' have gone all out against the people as though IT DID NOT MATTER

To be sure many CEO, CFOs, police chiefs etc have left positions in large numbers lately-even politicians retiring or some leaving EARLY...I suggest this video hints at why-

worth considering as I have warned many before I am going to siren2

seems many are sensing something...the question is what it is...or a combination of a few simultaneously

Be aware-and all with a grain of salt and tons of DISCERNMENT

anothers video-but many facts therein

Take care hf
edit to include:
reverse the images of their terahertz scanner-besides having mutations and chromosomal abnormalities...your body will be very CLEAR once the image is reversed...they will be able to count your pubic hairs if they want.

Best wake up now and raise your voices before they start taking your childrens nude photos...and sterilize your little girls and boys before they are even old enough to conceive...or ruin a newly forming fetus...how are xrays on pregnant women???Similarly even these low level waves are radiation...but they say it is ok...should anyone believe LIARS?
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