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Message Subject Sarah's Nightmare
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
heres a plus re rfid
they depend on identification
eg encrypted bar codes and the like
encryption depends on prime numbers
it is now possible to calculate prime numbers,,,hence we are at the point were these devices will become useless
and right now its a real worry for many in power
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 889542

it is possible...and they are already worthless-few understand that aspect. It is not really as it being presented by them either-it seems to be all about the "mark"

I suggest RFID is prime to that-pun intended

I recall when I first started to see the barcodes appear-I was not comfortable with it as I knew exactly where it would end up-

with many human beings reduced to animals and product of the so-called "elite".

Are that many content with slavedom???

Are that many that assured bigBother will look out for them???

There are good agents..but many are owned and serving a dank agenda

Just like the scanners

Unzipping DNA

Already a minor has been coerced through without parental consent...a 12 yr old

In the UK under 18 not put through as it IS A VIOLATION OF CHILD PORNOGRAPHY LAWS.

Seems it violates child pornography laws here-the ones who looked at the childs images and can capture the images and even reproduce the images-is possibly complicit in child pornography-

beyond the pale horse

[link to waronyou.com]
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