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Poster Handle Victoria Ecouter
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What's really sad is that you buffoons don't realise that you're completely nuts.

It is just a film. There is no illuminati, NWO, Lizards, it's all fantasy.

I love the way that you all believe the NWOleave signs and clues in things, how the fuck is an NWO agent supposed to know if it is a real sign from his masters or something random?rofl

For gods sake get a life.

BTW. I know J. Ronson(he wrote the book this is based on), the only thing that controls him is alcohol.

NWO? rofl
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 774133

They don't leave signs, hmmmm...ever watch State of Play (2009) with Russell Crowe, blue coffee mug in his apartment with Mason symbol. There was writing underneath it but I couldn't read it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the 1992 movie): the b-ball coach holds up a clipboard in one scene. On the clipboard is the all seeing eye w/in a pyramid and the symbols for Venus and Mars. Why would they have that, he's a basketball coach?

Mean Girls (2004): pentagram on the chalkboard in the classroom where Lindsay Lohan's character has Math. Also in that same room is a large poster with a Zodiac wheel on it. Those things would never, ever be in a public high school classroom.

Hackers (1995): large Metropolis (the movie) poster in Angelina's characters bedroom. She is supposed to be playing a 17 year old girl. I don't care how trendy or intrepid they are, no 17 yr old girl would have that poster from an obscure 1920's German film. If you've been watching The Industry vids on Youtube than you know all the implications that movie has.

So here we have four different movies, beginning in 1992-2009 with various occult references. These are just the blatant references in movies where they don't really belong (you could argue the Buffy one). I just recently started looking for this stuff. I think I spend more time looking in the background on movies now than watching the plot unfold.
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