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Message from the Feline Race ( Lion Beings )

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11/04/2009 08:07 AM
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Message from the Feline Race ( Lion Beings )

Recent developments are a major concern for our Brotherhood. Such as the experiments of CERN, the recent actions of the pharma industry to genetically modify plants, food, animals...even humans. Or the acts of bioterror to combine flu strains to depopulate Earth.

Human curiosity and intellectual capacity (however still immature in the eyes of High Civilisations) has reached that point, it is far above the amount of compassion, the amount of Love and Responsability they should have to handle that Knowledge. However nothing is given by chance. All is at it should be, unfortionally, human are in hands of people who serve only their own interests and those of major organisations which abuse the fact, people do not work together. Divide and rule !

We see the Elite do persist in taking over FULL control. They do plan to kill a lot of the population on Earth by disease, radiation and poisioning of the food (and water) chain. You are already slaves in their invented system of control and greed (money). Now they are ready to take the only thing which You have left: Freedom of Your mind. Your Will. So You will do completely what they want.

The best slave is the one, who does accept completely the slavery, who did lost all hope, will and desire to go for freedom. Who finally performs the work of their masters at all costs.

You are a slave. But not good enough, yet.

People on Earth are the victims of many hypnotic procedures, conditioning. They are so easy manipulated and the reason for that is FEAR.

The two basic forces in Multiverse are FEAR and LOVE. If You listen to the message of people, extraterrestrials or channelers, try to hear the tone of the message. Do listen to the drive of the messenger. Is it FEAR or LOVE.

FEAR blocks Your raising to a Higher Awareness.
What You LOVE comes to You, as what You FEAR.
So what do YOU choose ?
To FEAR or to LOVE ?

For sure there will be shocking events to happen soon. Such as major attemps to kill a lot of the population on Earth by the biopharma. Such as economic collapse. Such as revolution because people do loose their job, but do want a decent life. Repression will follows, however at the final end, all will turn to the good.

But those things are something you need to take in mind, talk to people around You to inform them, to look out of the box. To free themselves from boundage.

Many times I hear. But what can we do.

Well, you can start to barter. Buy goods from organisations who do promote honest trade.

Try to stop smoking, stop to eat meat and to drink alcohol (pure poison). Turn to eat fresh vegetables, soup (potage) and bread and a lot of fruit. Look to refresh Your home with fresh air, perform some sports. Force Yourself to TALK TO PEOPLE.

Look to the goods You are buying. Verify the company. You can boycot a company by not buying their goods. Look what You don't use anymore in Your house, give it to those who can use it.

For those who are pro-active, put lists on the internet to inform the people. There is the weak spot of any company, even multinational.

When someone does have FEAR, he turns often to be FROZEN in his (her) acts. A stade of waiting for....for what ? So that's our point.

The few years ahead will be crucial to see if Humankind can handle Science and Power.

If NOT, the outcome of Earth will be a new Lemuria. If they can, they will have both. Science and a new Lemuria.

However,most likely, it will be the first option.

LOVE is more important as Science.
When the Knowledge of Science is too high,
related to the amount of LOVE,
a civilisation performs a step back.
Progress will be halted and reverted.
Do You want that ?

You do not have to wait You need to ACT right now.

Stop to be FROZEN IN FEAR !!!
Do not follow the ICE QUEEN of FEAR.
But the LION KING of LOVE.

All the Best,

VVizz of Ur

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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 763245
United States
11/04/2009 06:55 PM
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Re: Message from the Feline Race ( Lion Beings )
Wow...awesome post VVizz!

User ID: 16256734
03/05/2013 05:54 PM
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Re: Message from the Feline Race ( Lion Beings )
Lets talk more VViZ .. Please.