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Subject Masonic Secrets. (Questions Encouraged)
Poster Handle SikTh
Post Content
Hey guys,

Someone in my family is a Mason - therefor growing up I haven´t taken any Masonic conspiracies seriously. Now that I am older and look back at all the times I spent with this family member I am actually convinced that these people are up to no good.

My uncle has been a Freemason for many, many years now. He has been one since I can remember. His wealthy friend nominated him for initiation. My entire family noticed a major change in personality once he joined. He completely removed himself from his family and became very secretive. I do, however, remember times from my childhood, visiting his home. His house was filled with Masonic art, and being a curious soul I would always ask him about them - his answer was always something along the lines of "something you will never understand", or "you will never know". When I was a little older I visited his place again and, again, I was interested in the Masonic art he had in his home. I asked again what kind of art work it was, he´d grin and say "if I told you, I would have to kill you." I always took it as a joke, but that is something strange to say to an eight your old child.

My uncle is not a good man. At that young age I knew nothing of Freemasonry, as a matter of fact I had no idea what THAT was until I turned 18. My uncle has struck my grandmother sending her to hospital, he said that "that alcoholic whore was a disgrace to his name and didn´t want to be in anyway associated with her", he also publicly humiliated my mother at a dinner party by using similar words and throwing wine all over her face.

I still, occasionally, bump into him. Not much is said, though. He mainly just smirks, nods his head, and then walks away. I get more warmth from a stranger.

Now, I am nearing thirty and certainly have had a lot of time to think about my past. I have done a lot of research on Freemasonry and spoken to my grandfather on the topic. What he had to say was very interesting. I have a lot to tell you about the Mason world and would be glad to share it.

So, if any of you have ANY questions feel free to ask me, and if there are any real Mason´s here who try to defend their secret, I will do my best to prove them wrong.

Thank you.
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