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Message Subject Masonic Secrets. (Questions Encouraged)
Poster Handle SikTh
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 Quoting: SikTh

Oh, I almost forgot. All Masonic lodges are in panic at present. As scientists dive deeper and deeper in the mysteries of quantum physics they are getting closer and closer to discovering the fallacy of dogmatic law - with the theory of the conscious observer! The All Seeing Eye. Scientist are literally witnessing the miracle of magic the deeper they look. Their is a greater consciousness observing us, however, do not mistake it for God! The truth, and I will do be best to verify this, is that mankind is a part of God´s divided conscience. This ONE GOD philosophy is nonsense. There is no one divine being. We, collectively, are God - therefor no one being is HOLIER THAN THOU! If the mankind wakes up and starts being the watchers as aposed to the watched you will see a GREAT CHANGE. The Eye of Ma´at, The Eye of Ra, The Eye of Horus, The All Seeing Eye makes this clear! It´s this eye, the eye of the Architect, that is observing and creating/controlling your reality.
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