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Message Subject Masonic Secrets. (Questions Encouraged)
Poster Handle Jodido
Post Content
Masonic secret: Is IT (reality) a wave or a particle?

There are two groups, in the Masons. One believes in God as a force, like intelligent design, like Star Wars the force. God as a wave. The other believes in God as a single entity. A representation of this is Jesus.

Both are right, reality is both a particle and a wave. I think. But, it may come down to being a particle. How does the particle, then, act as a wave? Well, a logical answer would be that we exist inside, within God, the universe being God. That, therefore, all is one. But, I see a school of fish; lots of individual fish move as a wave. The hive mind. I look at a wave crashing on a shore and know the wave, water, is made up of lots of individual water molecules.

These two groups comprise actual countries, in the Mason's. I was once told who these countries are. I do not remember all of it, but it was like three countries per side. On the particle side, basically the West, is USA, Britian, and I think it was Portugal. On the other, God as a force, side, is France, and I forget the other two. I think Germany was one.

I read, skimmed the book "Vedanta For The Western World", and it seems to me that the West is a focus on the Atman, and the East is a focus on -damn can't remember the word now.

But the Iraq war was a fight between these two sides.
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