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Message Subject Masonic Secrets. (Questions Encouraged)
Poster Handle SikTh
Post Content
This is the thing; I was pressed to join, pressure which still reverberates today
I got sent to "the womb of baal"

I escaped, but not before I was implnted with whatever morgellons will prove to be.

On th eupside I live in an ex lodge, I didnt ind out till I lifted the carpets

I am so sore, unable to do anything and still I get the "engaged" conversations from those within.

I dont feel safe, and I am so weary that life has no meaning except to manage th epain I am in.

Your thoughts?
 Quoting: Flaming Sword

You escaped? Where do you live Flaming Sword? The truth to the meaning of the life which we live is a morbid one - I can understand how you feel. Just remember, you are in a game and they want you to play by your rules. They can take your body and all things material things that belong to you what they want is your conscience. After all, everything you see and touch is the creation of the architect and his minions, the Freemasons. Live a spiritual life. Move somewhere peaceful, away from all these stresses, practice meditation and find yourself. When you do this you will have SO MUCH MORE than all the Freemason´s combined.
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