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Father-in-law (EX-military) sent an email out regarding the Ft. Hood shooter

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/06/2009 06:13 PM
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Father-in-law (EX-military) sent an email out regarding the Ft. Hood shooter
Do what you want with it.....

"Informed by a friend with DPS that the shooter at Fort Hood was armed with a FN 5.7mm pistol and fired eight magazines of ammo from the weapon before he was wounded (shot four times) by the post/federal police officer. Assuming the magazines were fully loaded, he fired about 160 rounds (20 rounds per magazine). He was also carrying two loaded S&W 40 cal pistols that apparently were not discharged. Given that the primary purpose of the 5.7 is to penetrate body armor, to include ballistic vests - it is used by Special Operators and some Federal Agencies for this purpose - I would not be surprised if the ongoing investigation determines that shooter was trained and armed by a person or persons with a lot more expertise than he. Additionally, my source stated that because the police officer who stopped shooter was shot twice in the abdomen with the 5.7, which was loaded with FMJ rounds, the projectiles penetrated cleanly and didn't cause as much damage as would a hollow point 9mm, 40mm, 45, etc.. She and many of the other wounded appear to have been "fortunate" in that regard."