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Dream of 'Biblical' Flood

User ID: 488240
United States
11/11/2009 07:33 PM
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Dream of 'Biblical' Flood
Dream of 'Biblical' Flood

November 11, 2009

Dear Steve,

After e-mailing you last night, I went to bed. Now you have to understand I almost never remember my dreams. Last night this one woke me up at 2:22 A.M. I don't know if the number is important or not, it just stuck me as odd.

In the dream, it started as a normal day, people were walking around doing everyday things, when somehow it became clear that 'IT' is coming. I live about sixty miles from the coast and all of a sudden I saw water coming. It was a flood of, literally, Biblical proportions. Water as far as the eye could see, it seemed like the tide was coming in. Slowly at first, but continuously rising. Some people saw and understood that if they didn't do something they were going to drown very soon. Most of them went on acting as if there was nothing wrong at all. They talked about what they were going to do that evening, or the next day, and so on.

As the water continued to rise, I could see buildings with their foundations washed out collapse into the water. People kept moving to higher ground to avoid it, but did nothing to survive it. Of the few that realized what was happening, they began to load up boats or make rafts, and the such like to keep from dieing. Some of those people tried to help others by warning them and even offering to assist the uncaring in making their own boats and/or rafts. Others would simply act like pirates and steal the boats of other people the moment their backs were turned, so they could get their survival supplies.

I remember that as the water started to get high enough to flood the town I live in, I turned my boat 'out to sea' so to speak, because I didn't want to watch my friends and neighbors drown.

When I woke, I prayed about this dream. This is the understanding I was given. The water was Gods' judgement on America. It started slowly but continued as surely as a rock will fall if you drop it. Nothing would stop it from happening. And it did nothing but increase in speed as it went along. The people were the people of America. Most of them either blind to what is happening, or unwilling to accept it. The ones that did see behaved as people WILL behave as things get worse. Some will continue to try to help others, while some will take every advantage of the situation for their own benefit.

Steve, it's been awhile since The Lord has given me a dream. Now I almost wish it was a while longer before He did again.

Yours in Christ,


[link to stevequayle.com]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 179704
12/02/2009 02:55 PM
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Re: Dream of 'Biblical' Flood
Interesting dream. I believe what you saw is not only about America, but the entire world.