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Iran forms committee to thwart U.S. 'plots'

User ID: 816585
United Kingdom
11/17/2009 06:57 AM
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Iran forms committee to thwart U.S. 'plots'
[link to edition.cnn.com]

Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- Iran has stepped up efforts to combat what it calls American "plots," according to state media, with at least $20 million approved for a special committee to thwart such schemes.

The report from the FARS news agency did not specify what the plots might be, but Iran has previously accused Western powers of stirring up protests over its disputed presidential election in June. The election led to nationwide demonstrations and apparent cracks in Iran's leadership.

A committee composed of the ministries of information, interior and foreign affairs had been approved "to combat American plots," FARS reported Saturday.

The state-media account attributed the information to Fatemeh Alia, whom FARS described as a representative of the people of Tehran and the head of the Human Right Commission of the Parliamentary National Security Committee.

"We put Great Britain right next to America, when it comes to plots against our country and other developing countries, since they are always shoulder-to-shoulder with the Americans," FARS quoted Alia as saying. "Of course, we should not keep our efforts limited to American human rights abuses since the Americans employ a variety of subversive plots against Iran and other developing countries. We also believe that the $20 million budget is not enough and many representatives in the parliament are supporting increasing this budget to $50 million."

FARS did not say how the committee would work against U.S. plots.

U.S. officials were not reachable overnight Saturday for comment about the Iranian declaration. However, the United States and Britain have previously refuted Iran's accusations.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 819684
11/17/2009 07:32 AM
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Re: Iran forms committee to thwart U.S. 'plots'
American plots are real since Bush approved covered operations in Iran back in 2005.