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Immortals among us.

User ID: 828813
11/28/2009 07:51 AM
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Re: Immortals among us.
There is one immortal: CAIN

That is all.

Any others are deceivers.

im mortal soon to be immortal
 Quoting: ABEL 828866

They giving you the reverse ageing gene? I gotta get me one of those...
Netizen Ribbonmind

User ID: 789349
United States
01/12/2010 12:13 PM

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Re: Immortals among us.
Anyone here over 100 years old?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 758035

The people who lived hundreds of years were physically active. Contemporary man utilizes every technological advancement to remain sedentary.
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"The earth is mother of us all, for she is just; but you, because you are unjust have pretended that she is your mother alone; and if you do not stop, I will not permit you to remain upon her."

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User ID: 773861
United States
01/12/2010 12:16 PM
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Re: Immortals among us.
They live OUT OF TIME... it is NOT about TIME EXTENSION in a human body... it is about MATERALIZING a body at will...

There is a BIG DIFFERENCe...

They live in LIGHT BOdies... and can CHOOSE to MATERIALIZE anywhere....

YES... I have been to the Valley of the Immortals... it is AMAZING..... I pray I will one day live there too.

These are AMAZINGT beings... they are YOU AND I in our future that is NOW...


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User ID: 27536058
United Kingdom
11/11/2012 03:45 PM
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Re: Immortals among us.
Hi Everyone,

I'm an Immortal, and have been for 24 years. I should look in my early fifties, but i've been told I look like a kid in his early twenties 21/22. I have many psychic gifts, i'm telepathic, have second sight, i can see departed spirits. When I sleep at night I astral travel to heaven and also to past lives as well. All of my immediate family are dead, most people when they hear this are very sorry for me. It does not bother me in the least because I meet them in heaven most nights in the astral planes. What peolple call dreams are in fact astral travels, so we all astral travel. Most people don't remember these travels because there is a scrambing mechanism in the brain that scrambles these astral travels as a sort of safety device.

I have some very interesting past lives, some of my vivid past lives are as follows - In the late twenties, early thirties I was a bootlegger in America. In the late Thirties I was in nazi Germany, I even watched the nazi's goose stepping down the road looking all important and intimidating.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 17884534
11/11/2012 03:54 PM
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Re: Immortals among us.
I've been working toward this path for a long time.
I personally would like to learn more.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 757895

I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, but I can only say so much about this subject.

I cannot risk unveiling the secret more than it already has been in recent years. Parts of the secret is in the public realm, but there are still missing pieces.

I suppose I will be ridiculed for this perspective, but so be it.
 Quoting: Aleilius

Where in the public realm is any of this? I really want to know.

Also I'm gonna guess that the massive pollution in the air has some effect.


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