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Possible UFO probe caught by security camera smashing glass pane

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 823046
United States
11/20/2009 09:05 AM
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Possible UFO probe caught by security camera smashing glass pane
Making big news in China at the moment is a totally out of the ordinary UFO event that that took place last week in the south-eastern city of Wenzhou that has even the most seasoned UFO researchers in that nation scratching their heads as they examine the relevant footage (below).

Security personnel monitoring streaming footage being picked up by a surveillance camera noticed a small, incredibly fast moving orb type UFO floating around the entrance of a building. The object disappeared and reappeared in a different spot before seemingly impacting with a sheet of half inch thick, bullet proof glass at the entrance of the building: causing it to shatter into hundreds of pieces.

The video was subsequently handed to media outlets and can be seen below. Some Chinese experts in the field of UFOs and paranormal occurrences have suggested that this could well have been a small UFO probe sent to earth for the purposes of studying our planet. Alternately the object might have been some sort of spirit matter or being. No firm conclusions have been handed down by those studying the event. The objects ability to destroy the glass without leaving any trace of itself is seen as most anomalous.
[link to www.webeufobelievers.co.uk]