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Australian farmer has proof of UFO visits or unknown aerial life-forms?

Anonymous Coward
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11/25/2009 02:30 AM
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Australian farmer has proof of UFO visits or unknown aerial life-forms?
24 November 2009

[link to www.allnewsweb.com]

Australian farmer has proof of UFO visits or unknown aerial life forms? 21 ratings

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Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com
A rural Australian claims to have in his possession absolute and scientifically verifiable proof of UFO type entities in Earth’s atmosphere.
Mr Jim Strong of the town of Greta in New South Wales, Australia has been using high-tech night-time video recording technology to monitor multiple UFOs or aerial objects in the sky above his property. He is willing to submit his proof to any reputable scientific body for examination.
Fascinatingly, Mr Strong believes that the objects observed might not be alien spacecraft but rather exotic unknown life-forms existing within Earth’s atmosphere based on a completely different set of principles to life as we know it.
Jim writes:
For the past seven months I have had sightings of UFOs over my property in Greta NSW and have archived videos of many of these craft and entities declared unidentified by these Australian departments I have submitted inquiries to:
-Department of Defence, Williamstown, Canberra.
-Department of transport and Infrastructure, Canberra. (Also via. - Air Services Australia)
-Investigation to five (5) local airfields for confirmation if any flights had come from their fields during sightings periods of at least three sightings nights. All with negative air traffic reported.
These entities are videoed in the night sky with night vision capable camera with telephoto lens as well as seen with the naked eye.
Sightings have been from as close as 50 feet (infrared entities), 500 meters to above 10,000 meters in our atmosphere.
Some earlier sightings were reported and archived with AUFORN and the National Library of Australia. The raw AVCHD video recording was original and unaltered.
Any archived AVCHD file is available to any reputable research organisation for confirmation as to its genuineness.
Nearly all of my videos are in super night shot (infrared illuminated) and therefore green / black, so computer rendering is done for clarity and some colour for interest. No shapes are altered or added to during this process and can be compared with original frames.
Not to confuse these facts, is the research I am currently conducting into the near infrared light spectrum as videoing aerial phenomena traversing the sky over my region, with laser illumination up to 3km (3,000 meters) in the night sky with infrared light, then recording them on video. Then the results are computer processed to show the composition of these phenomena / objects. This research is concurrently presented to Newcastle University for assessment and interest.
These experiments have already discovered many entities and considered unknown life-forms in my opinion.
At present over 30,000 images and videos are archived as proof of my claims.
What might these entities be? Perhaps they are Alien craft, holograms or messages?
Alternatively they might be: Angels, Spirit beings, Ghosts or exotic energy-based life forms?
Jim hopes he might have the answer soon.
Some of Jim's intruiging images can be seen below: