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Message Subject why do fats chicks smell like armpit?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's the toxins in the food they eat, but it's not just fat women and men that smell that way; pay attention. You'll find anyone that eats a lot of processed chemical foods tends to have an "off" kind of smell.

My cousin is beautiful; she's 5'9" and probably 130 lbs BUT she eats crappy food constantly. She showers every day, but MY GOD does she stink!! She borrowed a jacket of mine once and wore it literally from my house to hers. I got it back the next day and had to wash it; the entire thing reeked like her.

I don't know how she doesn't notice her own smell, but her hot boyfriend doesn't seem to mind (I have no idea HOW, but to each his own).

I'm sure some of the grossly overweight people the OP is referring to smell like sweat, however, I have a lot of overweight men and women in my family, and none of them smell bad.

Just that one cousin who is not fat at all. lol
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