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Message Subject Doom cancelled : Black Friday sales about 20% higher than last year
Poster Handle Hand_of_Man
Post Content
I work for Sam's Club and we were busy between 5 and 7 and then it died right down. Just our store was down $93K or so for the day. We did $60K in the first hour last year and did nowhere near that this year. I heard that more people are paying cash and not using credit cards. Well, by the time I left at 1:30pm on Friday, I had rung up over $30K in sales just on my own and the breakdown was $3400 or so in cash and $16K or so in credit cards plus other tenders. Tell me what's up folks? I mean that was just me, but if it was the same across our entire front end, then the MSM is lying to us. Come January, the credit industry is gonna take another huge hit when people can't pay their credit card bills.
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