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Subject share some herbal / crystal magick stories and spells that worked
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Chamomile for Gambling Luck

i had read that chamomile is good luck for gamblers. so before my sister and i went to local racetrack/slot parlor i made two cups of chamomile tea and we drank them. just for fun.

well we got to the slots and it was real bad...no luck at all. lost my $50 in about a half hour or less...she lost her money too. i lost hope in the chamomile.

so we are leaving the place walking towards to door and what do you know i see a stack of $20's on the floor

i look around quickly for anyone who might have just dropped it and would be looking for it...didn't see anything so i grabbed it and stuck it in my pocket in a wink. kept walking past security and to the car. when i got to the car i counted it and it was $280. so my profit that day was $230 not bad :)

Frankincense and Diamonds.

another story:

i was first starting to get into crystal healing and crystal jewelry. my mom gave me a gold band of hers with 9 diamonds in it. it was a ladies ring but we had it sized for me and i was using it for astrology and stuff. well to purify it i burned some frankincense which i later found out must have been the wrong herb or too powerful or something because as i held the gold ring in the smoke the freakin ring BENT itself. it was no longer a circle but oblong now. swear to god it bent on its own. i later figured it was no longer good for me to use it so i took it apart but salvaged the diamonds with pliers. what a pain in the arse that was btw. 14K gold is not very soft at all. lot of work to pry the diamonds of the channel setting.
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