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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle ethericplane
Post Content
Well I finally got to watch the movie I already reviewed.... It is even darker than I thought it would be. A murder suicide guy kills his own family, the psychologist's husband shoots himself in the head, the psychologist's own daughter disappears forever up through the ceiling, a nice man breaks his own neck levitating in a trance.

The victims, who were just tying to sleep, recall their visions under hypnosis and come heart to heart with something so dreadful they can't begin to explain it, mostly they just scream. And the evil entity that is so unimaginable speaks Sumerian, looks like an owl, and calls himself _??_?__ god in the language of the Sumerian tablets of Z. Sitchen fame. But it's all true....


I don't think Aliens had anything to do with this movie. Not a single thing. I think what we have here are Illuminati black operatives, testing the limits of Alaska's HAARP transceivers on innocent civilians. It is possible to read and target individual electronic "signatures", so HAARP operatives can revisit people, at will. I don't think the movie is greatly exaggerated. This vision, mind control and mood control stuff is entirely possible with today's technology.

The scary thing about this experiment, however, is that the terrible owl entity and the experience of utter hopelessness and torture it communicates to the mind. It all seems to be amplified by HAARP energies into a completely mind blowing monster that appears to just walk into your house and share the depths of the deepest Hell with you.

This would strongly indicate that the real entities behind the Illuminati and NSA experiments are indeed the demonic / Nephilim /animalistic, Anunnnaki like entities that do steal children, foster suicides and terrify people into insanity. It is not good to see people like this in control of HAARP! Do they even know what they have unleashed upon the world. Are the operatives intentionally projecting these entities at people or are there real entities riding the powerful waves and making their own contacts? I have often wondered if these karmic fools have any idea of who they are actually working with? They must be at least partially blind to do what they are doing.

Anyway, seeing the movie makes me think it is based on true material and verified vids. If people are having visions like this of owls and evils, they should remember, HAARP is a weapon that creates energy waves that greatly amplify evil intent. Owls are symbols of the Illuminati, Aliens are not usually evil they are beyond our types of silly ego traps. The Illuminati are a coven of reincarnating warlocks stretching far back into Sumeria and ancient history. The Illuminati destroyed ancient Egypt, the Pyramid initiations and put their eye on it, they killed Caesar's populism, and they have started most of the wars for profit and control. They want to be God, that is for sure. They are bent on scaring us into submission, but we can transcend it.

I think this movie tips their hat. I think it accidentally gives us a good window into something truly evil that is actually happening. Bravo to the film makers. What other possible theories are supported by this film?
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