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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle Cyric
Post Content
Just thought I'd tell the tale of what happened to me when I was young. About 8-10 years old.
My brother had this bag of toys he'd play with, for about a week I wanted to play with these toys, he'd always tell me to wait my turn. His friend came over, and my brother lent him the toys. My brothers friend was named "Tyrone".

He promised he'd come back the next day and drop off the toys back to my house, well, the next day went by, and he didn't show up. The day after, him and my brother were talking outside, and he stated he placed the toys in my mailbox, so I checked, it was empty. That night, I was about to go to bed when I heard a voice say "Tyrone never came to your house".

I stood up and looked in the hallway to see if I could locate where the voice was coming from. When I turned back around, there was a giant owl looking at me outside my window, yet, there was no place for an owl to perch outside my window, so it must have had really tall legs, or something, anyway. Its eyes shone a light that spiralled, the owl was hypnotising me.
My jaw widened so much I thought it was going to snap off, and I was paralyzed, forced to look into the creatures eyes.
It made a constant sound, a tone. After a while, it faded from vision, and I was still awake. I tried to scream for help, but I could just barely let out whispers, I tried to smash things to wake someone up, but I couldn't even interact with the physical world, I was like a ghost, I'd just slip through things. I tried to enter my parents bedroom, but there was a field preventing me from entering, even though the door was open. The rest is a bit of a blurr, but I have slight memories of skeletons and ghosts walking around. For years I thought the owl was a demon, possibly even the devil.

I still can't get the creature out of my head.
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