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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
tie the pieces together, truly
and you can see truth is stranger than fiction
you chase Bilderburgs, Illuminati and Masons
but these are facades
facades within facades
OWLS within OWLS

here is what I see
Bohemian Grove is clandestine meeting place for these hawks
they worship Moloch, in the form of the OWL

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

the symbol is old Canaanite
demands for costly sacrifice

the OWL EYES are used to mask the eyes of the drones they use
to propagate FEAR and to control the populace by having us chase after ALIENS
while we are hooked, tagged, robbed, and made slaves

this is old ritual in the hands of old money
the same song and dance, taken behind the scenes
out of the eyes of the public who are being lead around by the nose
and taught to believe in some dead Zealot's resurrection as a source of "salvation"
because that keeps the masses away from truth and true power
because mob rules, doesn't it
and if you can play the mob like a fiddle, little sheepies
then you have whatever you want

good thoughts OP, get the ball rolling!
people must wake up
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