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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When I was a teenager, I was tasked with taking care of a couple elderly gentleman. One was terminally ill with cancer and the other had some heart problems. They lived in the same duplex one above the other.

One of these men was a retired art professor that had a thing for birds and kept aviaries in the back that hadn't been used in many years, he tried to get me involved by purchasing several pigeons for me to take care of.

One day I come home from school and go over to their place to fix them their supper I noticed a small white owl perched on the chain link fence that divided our properties. I walked over to this bird and was within touching distance, it just stared at me. I spoke to it and it just stared at me, so I reached out for it and it flew away. I didn't thin much of this at the time, perhaps it was after a pigeon.

Two days later, same scenario bird sitting on the fence I walk up talk to it and again try to touch it and it flies away. I walk into one of the guys places only to find him almost dead, he was breathing but as I talked to him he passed away. This was quite tragic for me, I was only about 13yrs old at the time.

The very next day, I go over and there's this little white owl perched on the fence again. I go over talk to it try to touch it and off it goes. I go upstairs to help the other guy out only to find him sitting on the porch with his leg split wide open from crotch to ankle (he had just had surgery on his heart and they had removed a vein from his leg). I borrowed a van from a neighbor and carry over, take him to the hospital and within 5 minutes they come to me to tell me he had passed away.

So, two guys died on my in two days. I was overwhelmed and never once related the owl with what had happened. But after all these years I discovered while reading online that it's an old wives tale that a white owl seen during the day is a death omen. I am NOT superstitious at all, but this is one of those spooky coincidences.

Somehow seems fitting to this thread.
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