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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle Anextiomarus
Post Content
Me again, the guy again who told of the owl encounter with Tyrone. I used to see shadows on my walls too, nothing casting them, just, shadows.
They were really tall, really really skinny. They would take off their heads and juggle with them.
They were definately performing for me back when I was a kid.
I was never sure if I was dillusional, or not, I held onto it because it seemed too real to be "In my head", yet, I never overruled the possibility that it was in my head.
Then, this year, friend came over with a book of "Runes". He said they are basically ancient psychology, so we figured we'd make a set each, that we can use whenever we need "higher guidence". After crafting the runes, we went outside for a walk to seven eleven.
We'd see little figures behind cars and trees all the way, far enough that we couldn't make them out, but close enough we could tell they were there. We continued walking, talking about the figures we could see, and when we got to this old willow tree, a bright flash appeared infront of us, there was this bubble just hovering there, we could both see it, we were both shocked, and amazed.
The bubble had it's own movement, and looking into it was like looking into another dimension, we were sure it was observing us. After a few moments passed, it vanished, and we haven't seen anything since. (not much time has passed)
I haven't made a set of runes since, probably will do it again when the snow thaws.
My friend and I discussed it over and over, went back to the spot, left offerings. We're not sure still what we saw, but for a dillusion to be seen by another human being besides myself, now I know for certain all the sights I've seen (there are a lot more) are all real.
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