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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In her book, The Custodians, the author, hypnotist and UFO researcher, Dolores
Cannon, writes about the image of the owl present in “screen memories”.
“This is the memory of an event or a thing that is not accurate. Something has been
superimposed over what is actually occurring, and the mind interprets it differently. Often it
is interpreted in a safer and gentler way, so the person will not be frightened or
traumatized……….Often these screen memories involve animals………For some reason owls
feature prominently in this phenomenon.”
The Custodians, Dolores Cannon.

Cannon details her own memory of an encounter with a huge owl caught in her
headlights on a lonely stretch of road. The owl’s head was easily seen above the fender.
It would not move and then would only move a little down the road to await her
approach again. She then states that upon viewing the range of owls in existence in a
museum she was shocked to realise that her experience was with none of these and asks
herself what it could really have been. Cannon then details a hypnotic regression session
with another subject whose memory of an owl turned out to be a screen memory of a
being over six foot tall with white flowing hair, large bony hands and totally white eyes
without pupils.

Some 26 pages are devoted to this subject’s experience which is typical of experiences
with ETs of one kind or another. In her books The Custodians and Keepers of the Garden
Cannon details, through her hypnotic regression of abductees and others who have had
experiences with these ETs, that they are our real rulers and have been involved with us
a very long time. Her reporting of her subjects’ messages from the ETs is one of
benevolence towards mankind as we are not advanced enough to look after ourselves.
This supposedly justifies their assistance which includes genetic and other interference.

I have no doubt that the truth is somewhat more sinister. I certainly do not believe the
message of benevolence and it shows that hypnosis is not
a reliable means of obtaining truth of this nature. Like all other sources it can be tainted.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 833274

Ahh crap man, I see owls at night all the time, and I live on bald ass prairie.
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