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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle crazy
Post Content
The movie "the Fourth Kind" is about supposed alien abductions in Nome, Alaska starting around Oct 2000. The oddest thing about it is that the "alien abductors" morph between aliens and owls. Hmmmmmmmm.

Now HAARP went on line in Alaska in the late 1990's. HAARP is not just a weather experiment it is also a mind control experiment run by the Illuminati and the NSA. The well known symbol of the Illuminati is the Owl, seen regularly from the Bohemian Grove rituals. Whistle blowers from our government have said for years that the Illuminati is operating under the false scenario that aliens have abducted over 70,000 Americans when actually it is the Illuminati abducting Americans and putting implants in them. The implants are just more mind control experiments. After all, why would aliens need to abduct 70,000 people?

Tentative conclusion: The Illuminati started experimenting on Alaskans right near HAARP in Alaska. They are simply testing the limits of their new toy. They are using aliens in their experiments to scare, manipulate, test their powers, test their ability to project ideas, visions, thoughts, feelings into humans for the purpose of population control and to destroy.

They also need to test the reactions of psychologist, who always seem to misdiagnose the problem, as we have in this movie. I think the movie is true, but the aliens do not exist. Its is our own fucking government again trying to mess with us. Yes?
 Quoting: Ethericplane 820734
Im so sorry i really believe in that movie because i have lived the m;ost of it my self...
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