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Message Subject Movie: The Fourth Kind, HAARP, and Illuminati OWLS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I may have already posted something similar to this last yr. But anyway....LOVED this movie!

And if you know anything about ancient Sumer and the Mesopotamian culture it added even more to the storyline. Remember, the alien did state:

"I am Anu....I AM............God." He was a chief sky god.

I think it is a multifaceted movie and was meant to be interpreted in many ways, everything symbolic had more than one meaning.

Yes, they large eyes do remind many of the grays.

But also the owl played a large part in ancient culture. It was often seen as an ill omen (I'm not referring to Lilith).

These are descriptions of foul spirits (no pun intended)taken from ancient Mesopotamian:

"They are gloomy, their shadow dark, no light is in their bodies,
ever they slink along covertly, walk not upright,
from their claws drips bitter gall, their footprints are (full of) evil venom..

Neither males are they, nor females,
they are winds ever sweeping along,
they have not wives, engender not children,
know not how to show mercy,
hear not prayer and supplication....

The shivers and chills (of death) that fritter the sum of things, spawn of the god of heaven, spawned on an evil spirit,
the death warrants, beloved sons of the storm god, born of the queen of the netherworld,
who were torn out of heaven and hurled from the earth
as castoffs, are creatures of hell, all.

Up above they roar, down below they cheep,
they are the bitter venom of the gods,
they are the great storms let loose from heaven,
they are the owl(of ill omen)that hoots in the town,
spawn spawned by the god of heaven, sons born by earth are they.

Over high roofs, over broad roofs like a flood wave they surge,
from house to house they climb over,
Doors do not hold them, locks do not restrain them...
through the doors they glide like snakes,
through the hinge boxes they blow like wind.

From the man's embrace they lead off the wife,
from the man's knee they make the child get up,
and the youth they fetch out of the house of his in-laws,
they are the numbness, the daze, that tread on the heels of man."

They have been here for a very long time.
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