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Message Subject Let it be known that the New Jerusalem Calendar has conquered Satan's deception by the power of God and Jesus Christ
Poster Handle Warrior of Truth
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..whatever happened to people reading the BIble on their own?...when you allow someone else to preach their version of scripture to you then you deserve the control they have over you...btw Moses wrote the rules for proper living (and The LORD endorsed these statutes) and the great majority of people (including Muslims) are failing at this....

People are allowed to read the Bible on their own in this church. Also love is the law. No weird rituals. You are free.

Nov 9/14

I think you understand it alot better then those American Christians here.

They still think that whatever is in the Bible must be true because lill old God wrote it and dont know that the Bible has been adjusted and adjusted time and time again because the people in power wanted to use it to rule and divide the sheeple like they still are.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 729329

This is somewhat true, Council of Nicea.
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