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Message Subject Let it be known that the New Jerusalem Calendar has conquered Satan's deception by the power of God and Jesus Christ
Poster Handle elbrian
Post Content
No, Russ- you are here every day cramming your bible crap down our throats, even though the majority of us can't stand it.

That's not "just waiting there to be set up", it is annoyance.

You should really reconsider how effective your campaigning is, as it seems most of us here simply can't stand you.

Some people like it but then the attackers come and try to ruin any kind of unity. That is the spirit of Satan working through them.

Sunday Nov 9/15

again you sound like the pope peace if you agree your satan other wise
 Quoting: nzreva

It's Russ' way, or Satan's way.

There is no in-between.
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