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Message Subject Climategate DEVELOPING HARD!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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The ocean currently has a pH of 8.1, which is alkaline not acid. In order to become acid, it would have to drop below 7.0. According to Wikipedia “Between 1751 and 1994 surface ocean pH is estimated to have decreased from approximately 8.179 to 8.104.” At that rate, it will take another 3,500 years for the ocean to become even slightly acid.

The ocean has always been basic, it is just becoming more acidic. Sorry for being unclear. Also that rate is drastically speeding up of course, you can't say that 1751 had pollution like we do now. For such a large system like the oceans to change even slightly can be catastrophic to biomes like reefs that need calcium carbonate, which is used up to try to keep the water basic. Many small creatures in the plankton and shelled creatures cannot make shells at all or they are much weaker, strongly affecting ecosystems. This is already happening and it can only get worse.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 748798

"Five of the ice ages saw a far higher atmospheric carbon-dioxide content than at present. So carbon dioxide could not have caused past climate changes. Indeed, early Earth had 1,000 times more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than now - yet there was no runaway greenhouse effect, tipping points or acid oceans.

In past ages it has been naturally absorbed into everything from limestone reefs to soil, rocks and living things. For example, limestone is a very common rock and contains 44 per cent carbon dioxide.

Dissolving carbon dioxide in ocean water has not created ocean acidity. The constant chemical reactions between ocean water and sediments and rocks on the sea floor have kept the oceans alkaline. When we run out of rocks on the sea floor, then the oceans might become acid. Don't wait up!"

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