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Ladies and Gentlemen. WE HAVE A CHAMPION!

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12/02/2009 03:26 PM
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Ladies and Gentlemen. WE HAVE A CHAMPION!
Is Lord Christopher Monkton the third Viscount of Benchley emerging as a true world leader in the fight against The New World Order? Will he be the one to unite the little people against the elite?
He calls for a global freedom party to stop the NWO and the dark forces who are preparing to enslave us all into a new form of Communism, please take time to listen to his interview with Alex Jones, it's compelling!

He claims: Conspiracy from top to bottom by top global warming scientists.
They are charlatans and deserve to be locked up.
Al Gore is a lying fraudster.
There should be prosecutions on both sides of the Atlantic and some sientists should be brought before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
He asks, what planet is Obama trying to save?
The U.N. are trying to achieve it's long standing ambition, turning itself into a dictatorial NEW WORLD ORDER.
The Copenhagen Draft Treaty states a World Government!
U.N. Want to abolish free market to save the planet?
World domination.
Lord Monkton asks the people to rise up world wide. Founder a party that stands for freedom and make sure we fight this bureaucratic communistic world government monster!
To stand tall and close down the U.N.!

[link to gazbom.blogspot.com]