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Message Subject No room to expand on Earth! Why isn`t humanity exploring space?
Poster Handle Wraithwynd
Post Content
Because space is a very, very expensive proposition.

For a species to be interplanetary (in their solar system) colonizers they have to have all but abolished war on their own planet and have to have working international economies and shared interests.

For a species to be interstellar colonizers they need to have only one government and be at the point in their development that they no longer make war with themselves, have already successfully expanded through their own solar system, have already tapped the mineral and other resources of their system.

NASA has gone from 'sole explorer' role to 'vanguard role' where its mission is to kick start colonies on Moon then Mars exploiting and establishing the knowledge base for resources, while leaving it to the corporations and the 'private sector' to exploit that data.

Until very recently NASA and other space agencies have been working as explorer thinking space is to expensive for anything but national interests.

However the $10 million Ansari X Prize has already produced some promissory moves in the direction of private interests taking the lead.

But before corporations will take the risk they have to know that something of value is there to exploit.

Expect a "Gold Rush" in your life time where mineral wealth, energy wealth will kick off a leap forward into space exploration and colonization and corporations finance huge budgets to turn even larger profits that will make corporations have bank accounts to match super power nations of today.
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