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Message Subject UFO Above Dealey Plaza 11-22-63
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
On February 22, 2000, Governor Bush made a campaign visit to Tenney’s hometown of Royal Oak, Michigan. Tenney planned to ask Bush about UFOs during a scheduled meeting between local residents and Governor Bush at a local restaurant.

Governor Bush’s advance people selected the people who would be in the restaurant (Jimi’s Coney Island). After answering a series of screening questions, Tenney was picked to be one of the people to meet with Bush.Due to the large number of people in the restaurant, Tenney decided that his best time to ask Bush about UFOs would be when Bush was exiting the restaurant, so he waited outside the restaurant for Bush to leave. He chatted with the CNN crew that was also waiting for Bush to leave.

As Bush exited the restaurant, Tenney shook hands with Bush, and asked him, "As a presidential candidate, would you like to issue a statement concerning the American public’s right to access whatever information the United States government currently has available on the topic of UFOs...?"
According to Tenney’s recollection of the event, no sooner had the word "UFO" come out of his mouth, when a Texas Ranger with Bush grabbed him by the arm, pulled him out of the crowd away from Bush, and turned him around. Another Texas Ranger pushed Bush into a van, and the van quickly left. Tenney recalled the event,I was instantly turned around by a Texas Ranger, Mr. Bush was pushed into a van, another Texas Ranger grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the crowd and before I knew it Mr. Bush was gone. "What was it all about?" I asked the officer who pulled me away from the crowd. He shook his head and walked away from me without saying a word. The crew from CNN came up to me and the camera- man said,"Well that was weird. It was like they knew you were going to say something strange."

[link to www.presidentialufo.com]
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