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12/03/2009 10:24 AM
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I am not a ufologist. I've never investigated a UFO sighting, nor a crop circle, cattle mutilation, or an abduction. Nor, to the best of my conscious knowledge, am I an "experiencer." Twice, when I was young and again a few years ago, I've observed flying objects that didn't fit any categories with which I'm familiar.[1] But I've never had a significant "missing time" episode or other indication that I've been a "guest" aboard an alien ship.

Yet for more decades than I care to remember, I've watched the serious UFO literature--including works by investigators such as Jacques Valleé, Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs, Timothy Goode, Linda Moulton Howe, Jenny Randles, Raymond Fowler, Stanton Friedman, Bruce Maccabee, the late Allen Hynek, and Don Ecker of UFO Magazine, to mention a few--grow into an impressive body of data and theory. It is a literature that can no longer be ignored by responsible social scientists, including cultural anthropologists like myself. Thus, I've decided to "come out of the closet," as it were, and assert my belief that the UFO phenomenon is real--despite the carefully orchestrated attempts by our own and other governments to deny its existence, and the skeptics and debunkers who do their best to make persons who take the phenomenon seriously appear ridiculous.

The implications of the UFO phenomenon for anthropologists--or for anyone who would make rational sense out of the human condition--are profound. If Valleé, et al. are correct, humans have been the genetically exploited "lab rats" of one or more extraterrestrial civilizations, whose technological sophistication (evincing Sir Arthur C. Clarke's assertion that "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic") has allowed them to maintain a clandestine hegemony over this planet for at least the past 13,000 years.[2]

With apologies to the "British Raj," which held hegemony over India from the late seventeenth century to 1947, I've come to conceive of this extraterrestrial presence as the "Alien Raj." Yet that may be a grossly oversimplified picture of the nature of human-alien interaction, especially in ancient times. The "Alien Raj" seems not to have been--and may still not be--monolithic, any more than was the British Raj, even in its nineteenth-century heyday.

Almost every ancient mythology includes at least one rebellious deity, one who willfully violates the divine "rules." For the most part, such figures are what anthropologists call "tricksters," that is, gods or heroes who gain their ends by cleverness, stealth, and liberal applications of magic rather than by sheer divine power. Tricksters are typically reprimanded and/or severely punished for their actions, which, more often than not, involve efforts to transmit elements of divine wisdom or "technology" to mortals.

This article focuses on three trickster deities: (1) The Old Testament figure Lucifer, the "Light-Bearer," who, in defiance of Yahweh, brought self-awareness to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; (2) the Greek deity Prometheus, who rebelled against the authority of Zeus and gave fire to mankind; and (3) the ancient Mesoamerican god Quétzalcoatl, the "Feathered Serpent," known to the Maya as Kukulkan, who was forced into exile because of his efforts on behalf of mankind.

I posit that these and other trickster deities (e.g. the Old Norse god Loki, who built Valhalla but later turned against the supreme god Odin, and the pan-Polynesian god Maui, for whom the island is named) are mythological reflections of one or more extraterrestrial dissidents who rebelled against the Alien Raj's "Prime-Directive"-type policy of non- interference in human affairs--except when it suits the aliens' immediate agenda--and were punished for their actions by the Raj.

* Lucifer

The best-known, albeit most misunderstood, of my three examples is Lucifer, the "Fallen Angel" who rebelled against the divine authority of Yahweh and was exiled from Heaven. Soon thereafter, disguised as a serpent, he tricked Adam and Eve into becoming fully sentient, that is, over and above an immediate awareness of their sexual natures. This violated God's policy of "non- interference" in the newly-created humans' affairs, and Lucifer remained an outcast as far as the supreme--and eventually monotheistic--Hebrew deity was concerned.
I suspect that in this story's earliest version, Lucifer, like Prometheus, also gave Adam and Eve the secret of fire-making, as is suggested by his name. Note, although they were eventually conflated, Lucifer should be distinguished from Satan, who entered the Hebrew tradition much later and is derived from the ancient Zoroastrian entity Angra Mainyu, the "Lord of Darkness," who was believed to be in permanent conflict with Ahura Mazda, the "Lord of Light and Goodness." (This latter conflict may also reflect the alien presence, more specifically a conflict between two or more ET species who, some 6,000-7,000 year ago, seem to have fought what amounted to a colonial war for possession of Earth.[3]

In the fully developed Hebrew religious tradition, the sexual aspect of Lucifer's "gift," together with the defiance of divine authority, assumed a disproportionate importance, and thus, unlike Prometheus, the Hebrew "Light-Bearer" remained a negative figure, an exile deserving his fate. Thus, ironically, the ancient Hebrews came to interpret the mythology surrounding this pro-human figure in much the same way the Alien Raj regarded the behavior of the dissident who inspired it: a clear violation of the rules that could not go unpunished.

* Prometheus

A member of the Titans (the elder dieties in ancient Greek tradition), Prometheus defected and sided with the younger Olympian gods, headed by Zeus. (Again, we have the theme of an ancient conflict that probably has alien overtones.) But after the Olympians defeated the Titans and banished their leader (Zeus's father Kronos) to subterranean Tartaros, Prometheus (whose name means "Forethought") grew uneasy with Zeus's intentions toward the newly-created humans. Zeus, the chief Olympian, forbade Prometheus from carrying fire from Heaven and teaching mortals how to use it. Prometheus defied his sovereign and did so anyway. As a result, humans became more than mere dumb animals, just as Lucifer's "gift" permitted Adam and Eve to emulate their creator, at least to a degree.

Enraged, Zeus chained the rebellious god to a mountain top, where an eagle pecked his liver. A colleague, Elizabeth Barber, suggests that this is a metaphor for a volcanic eruption in which the eagle's black wings are the spreading plume of smoke and the god's blood is the red-hot lava flowing down the mountain side. Her interpretation may also be correct, as most mythology is multi-layered; once it was clear that the rebellious gift-giver from the sky was punished, human imagination took over, and the symbolic association of Prometheus's torment with a particularly devastating volcanic eruption took shape.

In time, Zeus's rage abated, and Prometheus came to occupy a heroic position in ancient Greek religion as humanity's chief divine benefactor. This is in stark contrast to the Lucifer myth, nevertheless, the tales are strikingly similar. Indeed, together with R. J. Werblowksi and several other scholars, I suspect there is a historical connection between these two figures, and that they reflect a common Near Eastern account of a rebellious, "light-bearing" pro-human deity who descended from the sky bearing knowledge--technological and otherwise--and was punished and/ or exiled by his "divine"--that is, alien--superiors for his actions on behalf of humanity.

* Quétzalcoatl

My third example of a "pro-human" deity that seems to derive from a dissident alien prototype is the Mesoamerican "feathered-serpent" god Quétzalcoatl, called Kukulkan by the Maya, who is described as a culture- bearer. A relatively benign deity, at least by the bloody standards of Mesoamerican mythology, Quétzalcoatl, like Lucifer and Prometheus, came to earth to teach his human devotees all manner of useful arts and wisdom.[4] Like the other two divine rebels, by doing so, he angered his fellow gods and was forced into exile, although vowing to return at some future time--a motif implicit in the other two mythologies (Prometheus returned after Zeus pardoned him, and Lucifer's eagerness to return, albeit negatively valued, permeates the Judeo-Christian tradition).

Two elements of the Quétzalcoatl mythology are relevant. First, his "feathered-serpent" image. Several UFO abductees, including Nebraska Highway Patrolman Herbert Schirmer and Betty Andreessen-Luca, have reported seeing winged serpents emblazoned on the abductors' uniforms. Although this element is absent in the Lucifer and Prometheus mythology, Lucifer's reptilian alter ego in the Garden of Eden is noteworthy, and the winged-serpent figure does exist in ancient Greek tradition in the image of the Caduceus (although it's associated with Asclepias, god of medicine, rather than with Prometheus).

Nevertheless, I suspect the image of a winged or feathered serpent is an important and deep-rooted alien symbol, one that may reflect a very ancient extraterrestrial totemic identification that predates the Alien Raj. Thus, one may expect both dissidents, like the prototype of Quétzalcoatl, and the more "establishment" type aliens who abducted Schirmer and Andreasson-Luca, to display it.

The second relevant element in the Quétzalcoatl mythology is the idea that he is fair-skinned. This was one reason Moteczuma initially accepted Hernándo Cortes as Quétzalcoatl redux.[5] (Among the alien physical types reported by abductees are the so-called "Nordics": blond, blue-eyed humanoids who sometimes appear in charge.[6]) Although Cortes and his fellow Spaniards didn't entirely match this human type, the dissident alien prototype of Quétzalcoatl could have been a Nordic, and the fact that the Europeans were generally fairer than Mexicans may have led Mocteczuma and his people to believe that the god had returned. Of course, they soon realized that Cortes and his rapacious comrades were far from divine, but by then it was too late; the Conquest was a fait accompli.

This may be a lesson for us humans, especially for those "New-Agers" who have seen fit to deify our alien colonial masters.

* Rebel God and Alien Prototype(s)

We have a pattern: A divine being (Lucifer, Prometheus, Quétzalcoatl, and other trickster figures) defies his superiors in the pantheon (Yahweh, Zeus, Huitzilopochitli) and attempts to assist humans. After transmitting some divine lore (self-awareness, the secret of fire-making, writing, etc.) he is punished by his superiors, either physically or by exile. It seems extremely probably that this widespread theme reflects an actual event (or series of events) of some 5,000-odd years ago, one that involved an abortive rebellion against the non-interference policy of the Alien Raj.

Do alien dissidents still exist? One can only wonder, although some abductees/contactees do report being given information that has proven useful. My friend Jack Sarfatti, a post-quantum physicist, asserts that he received an alien "phone call" in 1953 which predicted that he'd make an important breakthrough in 1973. And it happened. Could this phone call have been made by an heir to Prometheus or Quétzalcoatl?

If a dissident movement persists within the Alien Raj, we must contact it and obtain some of that magical technology, and the science behind it. It would appear to be the only realistic way to consider overthrowing the Raj's oppressive hegemony. Only when we discard the notion that our extraterrestrial "visitors," as Whitley Strieber has dubbed them, exist on some higher "spiritual plane" than ourselves can we make rational sense of a phenomenon that has such a profound, albeit clandestine, impact on our existence.

As yet, no hard, incontrovertible evidence exists that my three divine "suspects" were mythological reflexes of ancient alien dissidents. But I submit that the "soft" evidence supporting both the presence of an Alien Raj, and my above hypothesis, is persuasive enough to warrant close collaboration between anthropologists specializing in comparative mythology and folklore, and serious students of the UFO phenomenon.

We anthropologists must overcome the "they shouldn't exist, therefore they don't exist" skeptical mindset frequently encountered in academia, and systematically examine UFO abductee accounts and their congruence with mythology and folklore.

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12/03/2009 01:00 PM
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I'm sorry OP, I didn't plan on making this response-posting quite this long, but I just had so much to say. If nobody else reads this, I'm hoping that at least you reads this, because I didn't copy and paste any of it, I just wrote everything out so I did put alot of time into this today. Also, I've linked to another posting of mine about something else at the ending of this posting:

You wrote a very intriguing threading. I do want to say that there is a difference between Lucifer and Satan in the Bible, but it'z because Lucifer rebelled against God, whereby God changed Lucifer'z name to Satan because Satan means "rebellious one". Lucifer became so puffed-up and lifted-up with pride and this came to a boiling-point once he learned that human-beingz were to eventually become higher than the angels, and this so angered Lucifer. So then, Satan led a massive rebellion of 1/3 of the whole entire Anglic-Realm and they were all cast out of heaven onto the Earth.

In the Garden Of Eden, it wasn't God's policy to not interfere with human affairs, but if something were to lead to mankind'z down-fall, that went against God. God allowed this to occur though because it was all for a great purpose which we have been seeing for the past 6,000 years of man'z self-rule. This rejection of God is not some new movement that has been taking place because of intense study of mythology and of religion, because mankind has been rejecting God ever since human-beingz were first created, and Satan has been helping that rejection occur, because Satan so loathes the purpose and plan for mankind, he hates it with the very greatest passion. Mankind would have done the same thingz without Satan, but it just would have taken longer, but Satan has influenced the mindz of mankind to think about certain thingz, and those people chose to follow it, and all of them had that choice to make as they weren't forced into their decisionz.

Just look at what all of the World'z leaders in government believe in, or where they get their inspiration from ? Allister Crowley being one of the driving-force behind the United Nations, it should be very clear what Satan is doing. Even if you say it'z really Lucifer, the same bad thingz are occuring so it'z still very bad and ugly. Do we think that the United Nationz is doing a good job or an evil job ? The World has always rejected God and just look at how the World has been ever since mankind was placed upon the Earth. There hasn't been a time-span in history where the World has seen peace, nor anything even close to attaining that peace and prosperity. Thingz might feel relatively peacefull right now, but obviously the media doesn't ever tell what is really truly happening in the World. Everything is so very clouded to the point where it'z just like mind-control, and yes, religion has alot to do with that mind-control, because religion is Satan's doing, he helped it along because that would be one of the biggest ways to lead people away from God and His true nature.

Most all of Christianity has rejected God. You might ask, well how can this be since they believe in God and in Jesus Christ and in the Bible ? Well, it'z because they don't believe in what the Bible really truly says. They just blindly believe what the so-called Bible scholars translate from the original texts to the English language. If we look at the original languages of the texts, we see that Hell doesn't even exist, which would make sense to God not being sick, twisted, and perverted, which is the kind of God that it would take to have the place of Hell, to eternally torment and torture people whom don't believe in His ways, people whom did not ask to be born into this confusing and twisted World. However, even when Christians go by the bad translations, they still reject God because they still believe in Easter and in Christmas. They believe that Jesus Christ was crucified on Good Friday and that he was resurrected from the dead on Easter Sunday. This would totally deny the one and only sign that God promised to give that Jesus Christ was indeed the Messiah, that being that Christ would be in the heart of the Earth for 3 days and 3 nights. How could Christ have been in his grave for only 1.5 days if God's sign was to be infallible ? Not only that, but they reject God's commandments, and we're talking about most Christians rejecting God's commandments. They believe in 9 of His 10 Commandments, and why is this ? Because one of them is partly out of inconvenience, and partly because of deception in Christianity.

The one commandment they have rejected is that of the Sabbath Day. God sanctified the 7th Day as His day of rest, a day to be used for a bond between Him and human-beingz, but most Christians have chosen to accept the Roman Catholic Church'z perversions of God's Sabbaths. The Roman Catholic Church had changed the day of observance from that of the 7th Day to that of the 1st Day, even though they out-right admitt that they had no Scriptural authority to do so, but people have still chose to blindly follow this. Even all of the denominationz that are not part of the Catholic Church follow the observance of Sunday. The other thing is that Christians don't even believe that the Sabbath applies to the World any longer anyhow, so it wouldn't even matter to them anyhow.

They take all of the stuff from the Old Testament and nail it to the cross and say that none of it applyz to now today, even though Jesus Christ himself said that he came not to destroy the God's Laws but to fullfill them. Jesus Christ also said that not one jot or tittle of the Law would pass-away until the heavens and the Earth pass-away. So with these very important lines that Jesus Christ himself told to the World, why would Christians feel that the Laws from the Old Testament no longer apply to anybody ? They are following Protestantism and Roman Catholicism, and they don't have to be part of a Catholic Church or a Protestant Church, because all of the Christian Churches have originally stemmed from the Roman Catholic Church in some form or another. All Churches that are not God's Church stem from the Catholic Church. There is God's Church, which was established in 31 A.D., and there was the Roman Catholic Church running right along-side God's Church in the same time-span, and so the perversion of the churches began, and the Bible even speaks about them as the "daughters" of the great harlot-church.

Anybody whom identifies themselves as Christian is not of God, and they could not have had God's Holy Spirit in them, even if they feel that it has been. Satan has the power to not only influence the mind of somebody to drive them to certain ways of life, but also to make somebody feel so good to the point where that person feels like they are feeling the power of God's Holy Spirit, but they truly are not. Jesus Christ was not sent into the World to start the organized religion of Christianity, that is not God's religion, that is mankind'z (and Satan'z) perversion of God. Christianity goes against everything the Bible says. Most Christians believe in the same Trinity that the Roman Catholic Church believes in, and it'z a Pagan Trinity. The Holy Spirit is not a person or a being like is taught, God's Holy Spirit is just simply God's great power, it's not a being or a person. The other part of the Pagan Trinity says that Jesus Christ has eternally existed, and this is not what the Bible says. This has been the perversion of the Trinity. Then you have the perversion of what is called Hell, and then the perversion of God's Sabbaths, and the perversions of God's Laws. Is it any wonder why the average person just totally denounces all religion and doesn't want to believe in God because of all of the religious confusion out there ? Before I realized the truth of the Bible, I sorta-kinda felt the same way, I just didn't know if God really truly existed or not, but now I no longer feel that way. What has happened to me over the past year has been so very profound and so very powerful, I just don't think that it was all purely coincidences and happenstance, I now see great purpose.

If we read the Bible the way it was originally written, we begin to see a different God than Christianity portrays. This is why Satan has given so many gods to mankind, and why most of them are "getting" gods, because Satan wants us to see God as a getting God, and not the giving God that He really truly is, but you cannot see this giving God if you believe in Christianity, because God and Jesus Christ is not about organized religion. He is very organized and meticulous and perfect when it comes to His government (God's Kingdom when it comes to this Earth), His purpose and plan for mankind, and everything that He has ever done in the Universe, but God is not about organized religion where the people decide the doctrines. This is precisely what John was writing about in Revelation concerning the final church-era of Laodicea, because the word Laodicea means "let the people decide", and this even occured within God's Church, not just in the World. The World has either not recognized God's Church or they have rejected it, so then they cannot grasp and understand the true nature of God, of Jesus Christ, and of the Bible.

Now, maybe God and the Bible is a farce, but how can we honestly come to that conclusion before we examine the original meaningz in the Bible ? Even Genesis 1:2 is misunderstood because Christians don't examine the original languages, and that verse paints a different picture than what we have been taught about the creation of the Earth, because the Earth was already created long before that, and other parts of the Bible attest to this.

God has told us to live your life as though the return of Christ is at hand, which means that we aren't to simply "go through the motions" in church and not be learning anything or doing any growing. We are supposed to have a sense of urgency about ourselves as if the day of Christ is at hand, otherwise it will occur like a theif in the night if you are not ready and watching. People don't wanna have to address thingz about their lives, which is why most people will remain how they have always been, and so thus, this World will never ever change, and in a very short time, mankind would totally annihilate itself, but God will intervene before this would occur, but He will allow all of these thingz to happen for the purpose of showing mankind what we are like when we reject God's ways of living life. God's Laws and commandments aren't about keeping mankind in bondage and slavery, it is about living the only way of life that would give the World the peace and prosperity that it has never ever had in mankind'z whole entire existence. Isn't this true ? Isn't is true that mankind has always rejected God and that mankind has never seen true peace and prosperity ?

The Bible even says that when people call for peace and security is when great destruction comes. President Barack Obama going to the United Nations and calling for peace and security in a very big way should be a sign of what we are about to go through. Thingz seem relatively calm right now, but I assure you that the World is suffering very very greatly, and once we have nuclear detonation on this Earth, the World will forever change and it will rapidly deteriorate, and this has the great purpose of humbling mankind, giving some a humble spirit of humility enough to realize what is happening and to begin coming to the truth of God, but still most of mankind will reject the truth and will not come to God, and this is why they won't be provided any favour or protection from God, and they will just simply die from the hands of mankind. God will not work with a pridefull spirit, he will only work with a humbled spirit of humility. So it's not that God greedily chose 144,000 people and chose only the best people, he chosen the people that had a humble spirit of humility to learn truth, whatever that truth may be, and there have only been 144,000 human-beingz in 6,000 years that have stripped away their pride and had adopted a sense of humility, which God would then work with in their lives. Out of the approximately 100 billion people which have lived and died on this Earth, only 144,000 have had enough of a humble spirit to be able to come to the truth, but what is beautiful is that it'z not stopping right there. The 144,000 have already been chosen and sealed, but God has been working in millionz of people's lives because there will be millionz of people that will live on into the age of God's Kingdom on this Earth, so it'z not going to be just the 144,000 that are left.

Another perversion of God's plan is that we are taught that we immediately go to either Heaven or Hell upon our deaths. I already mentioned how Hell doesn't even exist, but even if it did, it would still contradict the Bible because Jesus Christ himself said that where he came from (Heaven), nobody has gone there. Which means that nobody had been to heaven by that point (4,000 years after mankind was created). Christians believe that they go to Heaven when they die, and the way it'z described is like an LSD-acid trip, whereby you're just enveloped in endless clouds and hearing angelic music and just staring at and worshipping the face of God forever and ever ? Does that kind of life even sound exciting ? It doesn't sound exciting at all to me, and God is not about those thingz. God has so much more in store for us in God's Kingdom, and I don't know what those thingz are, but God will give us a much more fullfilling life than just worshipping at his feet for all of eternity. God is a giving God so he wouldn't do this.

The whole purpose for the physical creation (not just mankind but the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the stars, the galaxy, and the whole entire Universe) has been the creation of His family. We have this physical existence on Earth to show us that our OWN ways of living life are not the ways to live, and our physical lives have been as a witness as to how we are without God and when we reject God in our lives. If God were to have created us in the beginning as spirit-beings, then we would have rebelled against God from the very beginning, just as Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels did. The rebellion occured because they did not experience the ways that weren't God's ways, so they never knew any other way but God's ways so they felt that surely there would be other ways of living life that would be much better than God's ways.

But however, human-beingz were created and have been shown mankind'z and Satan's ways, to show just how corrupt and evil and wicked those ways are, and then once thingz rapidly deteriorate in this World, many people will become humbled to the point of humility, and they will be able to see the truth very clearly. However, sadly most of mankind will not be humbled enough to reach this point, because they will retain their massive amounts of pride and grandeur. Mankind has not even tried God's ways yet, so how can we say for sure that God's ways are a crock and just would not work ? God's ways are the ONLY ways that the World has not yet experienced, so why not try them and see ? People think that the World has seen God's ways because of Christianity, but that has been a perversion of God. Christianity is not of God and it never will be. Christianity is what mankind and Satan has done with the notions of God and Jesus Christ and the Bible. The Bible is still the infallible Word Of God, but we must examine the original languages, otherwise we will not be able to see that there is more meaning there. Mis-translations have been used by Satan to confuse mankind and to have mankind follow ways that are not God's ways. Then, mankind experiences what they think are God's ways and doesn't like it, and it'z because those thingz are NOT of God.

So, if anybody that is reading this identifies themselves as Christians, just please examine the thingz that you have grown-up believing, because they are probably not the ways of God. According to the Bible, there is only one body that God works through, which is the body of Christ, which is God's Church, which is NOT various churches in the World, because they all oppose each other and God would not be working in many churches which oppose each other. God only works in one church-body, and when you come to learn the history of what has happened with this church, you will see that it is unlike any other church that has ever existed. God's Church was to be one that saw growth, and that wouldn't be stagnant, which is what described all other churches. No other church on Earth changes alters it's doctrines as God reveals them more truth, but that is how the Bible says that God works.

First, God reveals to Jesus Christ, whom then reveals to God's prophets, whom then reveal to God's Church, which then has it there for all of the World to see but most of the World will reject all of it anyhow. Everybody harps on "No man knows the day or the hour, not the angels in Heaven, not even the Son Of Man". People take this to mean that no one will EVER know the timing, but wouldn't Jesus Christ need to know the timing since he is the only one that is accounted worthy to open-up the Seals of Revelation ? When Jesus Christ said that no man knows the day or the hour, this was true, no man did know, but however, there was to be a time when God would REVEAL the timing to Jesus Christ, whom would then reveal the timing to His Church.

This is how God has always worked, but even some of the most devout Christians refuse to believe that God is working through prophet(s) today, but wouldn't that go against what God taught us in the Bible ? Even the most devout Christians reject God, so it isn't just atheists or agnostics or Buddhists whom reject the God of the Bible, it is even most of Christianity that rejects the true God of the Bible. If nothing major happens physically in the World besides our economic conditionz, then I will have been wrong about some thingz. I personally feel that something will be occuring during this month of December 2009, but I realize that I'm injecting my own understanding so I know that it might not occur that way. If anybody would like to see why I'm thinking December 2009, then please look at my posting here: Thread: "The Simpsons Code" & DJIA -11.11 (-0.11%) & NASDAQ +21.21, "Triple Eclipses", Blue-Moon, Norway Spiral Black-Hole

If any of you have been intrigued by my posting here, then please comment. Also, if there are some of you whom don't even know about this Church that I'm referring to, then I can tell you about it. Many on GLP already know about it, but some of you probably don't. so just let me know.


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12/03/2009 07:34 PM
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no no no

The great priest-scientist of the previous time cycle named Enoch, who is associated with the building of the Great Pyramid complex and a grand spiritual science, described a genetic stairway to the stars remembered as Jacob’s Ladder. Enoch is the prediluvian patriarch, one of the most famous and seminal characters of the previous time cycle. Father of Methuselah and great grandfather of Noah, Enoch is credited in the Bible as architect of the original Zion, the legendary "City of Yahweh." He is also remembered as inventor of the alphabet and calendar, and history’s first astronaut who "is taken aloft by the Lord," and shown "the secrets of earth and heaven" beforing returning home with "weights and measures" for all humankind.

Known to the Egyptians as Thoth, the "Lord of Magic and Time," and to the Greeks as Hermes, the "messenger of the gods," he is remembered in the Celtic tradition as the enigmatic wizard Merlin who disappears up an apple tree to mythic Avalon, seeking the secret of immortality and vowing to return. As one who attained immortality, the secret of how we "might become as gods" Thoth/Enoch/Merlin promises to return at the end of time "with the keys to the gates of the sacred land."

The controversial Dead Sea Scrolls reveal the lost Books Of Enoch removed from the Bible by early religious leaders. Enoch describes a wondrous civilization in the past that misused the keys of higher knowledge, and were unable to save themselves from the last cataclysm. Both literally and figuratively when they lost the "keys" they lost all higher knowledge. Yet Enoch, along with many traditions, including the Mayan legend of Quetzacoatal, and the Incan Viracocha, promise a return of this knowledge at the end of time, the end of the present cycle. Biblical Revelations promise, "all will be revealed" at the end of the present world.
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12/03/2009 07:45 PM
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This little boy know more than you do.

[link to www.desteni.co.za]
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12/05/2009 09:07 PM
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This interview brings in the masters of higher dimensions themselves! Alan Steinfeld goes deep with Dr. Hurtak about the true value of spiritual initiation and calls attention to the turning point society is now.

the prince of darkness is belial

Melchi Zedek / ‘King of Righteousness’, (Heb. 5-7), a subject that has interested scholars heretofore. The latter has two other synonyms, the Archangel Michael, the guardian Angel of Israel, and the Prince of Light (E.3.2).

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]
extracted from 'Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered'
by Robert Eisenman and Michael Wise

Testament Of Amram (Father of Moses)

Manuscript B

Fragment 1

(9) [. . . 1 saw Watchers]

(10) in my vision, the dream-vision. Two (men) were fighting over me, saying . . .

(11) and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‘Who are you, that you are thus empo[wered over me?’ They answered me, ‘We]

(12) [have been em]powered and rule over all mankind.’ They said to me, ‘Which of us do yo[u choose to rule (you)?’ I raised my eyes and looked.]

(13) [One] of them was terrfying in his appearance, [like a serpent, [his] cl[oa]k many-colored yet very dark. . .

(14) [And I looked again], and . . . in his appearance, his visage like a viper, and [wearing . . .]

15) [exceedingly, and all his eyes . . .]

Fragment 2

(1) [. . . em]powered over you . . .

(2) [I replied to him,] ‘This [Watcher,] who is he?’ He answered me, ‘This Wa[tcher . . .]

(3) [and his three names are Belial and Prince of Darkness] and King of Evil.’ I said, ‘My lord, what dom[inion . . .?’]

(4) [’and his every way is darkened, his every work da[rk]ened. In Darkness he . . .

(5) [Yo]u saw, and he is empowered over all Darkness, while I [am empowered over all light.]

(6) [. . . from] the highest regions to the lowest I rule over all Light, and over al[1 that is of God. I rule over (every) man]

Fragment 3

(1) [of His grace and peace. Over all the sons of Lig]ht have] I been empowered.’ I asked him, [What are your names . . . ?’]

(2) He aid to me, ‘[My] three names are [Michael and Prince of Light and King of Righteousness.’]
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Idris(A) in Islamic tradition
In Islamic tradition, Enoch is a predecessor prophet before Noah (Arabic: Nuh) (Arabic: نوح‎) (Noah). Idris(A) is credited with learning many useful skills or inventing things which humans now use such as writing, mathematics, astronomy, etc" [2]. According to Islamic tradition, his time was one when many people had forgotten God, and the world was thus punished with a drought. However, Enoch prayed for them, and it began to rain, ending the drought.

In Islamic tradition, according to the book The Prophet of God Enoch: Nabiyullah Idris, Idris(A) and Enoch are the same person. He is mentioned in the Qur'an as was preferred by God that he raised Idris(A) to Him (In the Enoch book of the bible preserved by the Ethiopian church, we also read that he was raised up by God). Enoch is said to have come back from heaven in the area of Gizan (current day Giza in Egypt) where he taught people writing, and he described how he saw in his journey the sources of water (i.e. the Snow caps of mountains, especially in the polar areas) and the reasons behind astronomy, he described different skies where he saw imprisoned devils and Jinns tormented by the angels, some of whom are awaiting punishment, and some awaiting release. He is a prominent prophet between Adam and Noah for Muslims.

One non-traditional explanation for the building of the pyramids is that they were built in reverence to him, since it is the area where he was said to have ascended back to heaven.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]