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Message Subject Congress jst got a 45 percent tax on your daddies 3.5 million bussiness when he dies.
Poster Handle anonymous
Post Content
democrate house just voted it in... you will be selling off parts of your daddies bussines to pay the 45 percent tax inheritance on that bussiness when he dies. yur tax and spend dempcrate congress at work today.. you will be forced to downsise that bussines to salvage it.. it means some of your workers WILL lose thier jobs when your daddy dies. democrates house members shot workers in the foot today. again.. send congress a pink slip. let them pound the street looking for work starting in 2010 ..worldnetdaily.com said 7 plus million tax payers have sent congress pink slips already ... they will be fired..
 Quoting: anonymous 832603

worldnetdaily.com helped 7 million plus tax payers send this tax and spend congress thier notice of firing starting in 2010 with pink slips to congress already . more pinkslips are going out .now to congress.. seems the bussiness tax payers and thier employess are going to have to get congress to stop this tax .. or else fire employees and shut down or reduce the bussiness by half its size to pay that 45 percent inheritance tax on small family bussinesses...... call your democrat congress now . to protest this tax . . small bussiness are already strugling to keep thier bussiness open. thistax and spend congress wil have many folks unemployed starting 2010 as soon as the owner dies.from this law . . we must unite against these lnatics small bussiness employe probably half of americas workers .. does any one have the stats on small bussines employers empack on jobs in america.. yikes .. .
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