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Message Subject Congress jst got a 45 percent tax on your daddies 3.5 million bussiness when he dies.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Amazing.... can these people be stopped...

they aim is to destroy the small business.

There aim has alway been to destroy the wealth of the non-insider families of the USA. Always.

Inheritance taxes are the single biggest proof our government has never really given a damn about families. There is more to this than just the business angle. There is also the Land angle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 715509

Actually, the opposite. The elites keep their wealth largely through inheritance and a tax on passing wealth down the generations is the single biggest source of pain for them since it's also the single biggest means they have to ensure they preserve their status. The biggest con they've managed to pull (aside from their foundations being about 'charity') is that the average person or even the average reasonably well-to-do person would be adversely affected by the inheritance tax.
That it's farmers, or people like you and me who have built up a business with rolled-up shirtsleeves and greased palms that will get screwed. Utter and complete nonsense.

Again, I urge people to read this book: [link to www.bainvestor.com] by David Cay Johnson. He outlines very clearly the scams they've managed to perpetrate on the middle class.
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