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Message Subject What do Christians have to say prayer before they eat?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
lol.....actually, that works for me too! I agree......I mean consider the poor o'l chicken who sacrificed all, for the meal, right?

Ok, here's the thing: The grass eats the mineral, the cow eats the grass, the human eats the cow.........so just what may be eating us? 'V'?......solent green?......:( lol
 Quoting: ObeWayneKenobe

There are a lot of things tat feed off us/humans! Parasites while we are alive and a myriad of creatures after we leave this shell behind.

Now to your opening question - The true significance of prayer before eating has long since been lost on Christians! The origin is no less than the Lord's Supper - "As often as you do this - remember me"! This is what was meant by eating His flesh and drinking His blood; it had nothing to do with the physical flesh and blood but rather the assimilation of His nature and spirit. The follower is to be aware of this and draw this nature and spirit to themselves with each meal and in so doing, in so doing, the follower becomes more and more in nature and spirit the same as the Lord.

As I said, this significance has been lost and replaced by empty ritual!
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