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Message Subject LMAO..Ecstacy tablets shaped like 'Bama heads...
Poster Handle Gradient
Post Content
Yea no worries bro, yipp-a-dipp-jipp, droppin' two Obamas at once, me and Obama cause I asked him if he was here for the party? He said "yea cool man no worries, just here loooounging around all groovy and stuff" I told him smooth, no worries it was all good, no worries.

We lounged around for a bit and I asked him where he got his glow sticks, I was like "cool, mad glow stix bro!" he was like "you like that? they'r all groovy mad hey yea, like check this out! and he twirled them round in the air in his hands all freaky and stuff (it left mad tracers in the air) he then offered me a cigarette but couldn't find his lighter, so we used mine (I found it after searching for half an hour in my pocket) and we lit the cigarettes, and I told him "whoa hey man take it eeeeeeasy bro, the bouncers are looking at us!" because then he started licking a chrome handrail...
A good time was had by all.
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