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Message Subject the Tribe of Dan and the decendents of Cain.The Anti-Christ King--Juan Carlos THE 13TH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE
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I'm new here and came across this site while researching Rhesus negative blood.

This is absolutely fascinating. I need to read your posts again and absorb it all. Thank you for this excellent information!

Now come see how about 2,000 years ago in DNA history - 4 unrelated woman with no know origin - like the RH-NEG FACTOR - came to be intergrated into society in Europe...

I am not saying that I am an Isrealite or an Altantian or decendant to anyone in particular - BUT reading OP's posts about "SEEDS" in other peoples readings as well, when God said in Genesis - I will put enemity between your seed and his"; why do people NOT automatically think of the RH-Neg factor, as it is the only ACTUAL enemity between ou SEEDS today - Uncompatible Pregnancy, Rhesus Disease, RhoGAM, Duffy Babies, Spontanious Miscarriages and Birth Defects.

I am not a religious scholar or medical doctor or even a history buff. I can't spell and I am sure you know that by now - but this just makes sense and every "tale" starts with a morsal of truth.

What if there where a group of people her who lived in a different environment - would they not have small evolutionary changes to accommodate the body? What if during times of the Great Deluge they lived underground?

Who here thinks that Hitler was really thinking that Blonde Hair and Blue eyes really made for a superior human - Or was there more to it???

This thinking allowed me to find a genetic marker in my family before doctor EVER thought to look, one which only about 0.5%-8% of the whole world has....HLA-B27

Here is why I think these concerns and a Hollow earth or Cave scenario could be true. Science cannot explain the origin of the Rh-Negative People. But if we play 20 questions to find out "Who you are & Where do you live" the inner earth or TSHTF Cave dwellers may be an explaination for the Rh- Factor. Food for thought!!!!

RH-Neg Differences:

1. We have a stronger immune system.

Ex - This could occur from us being in close proximity to each other in a small area where infections and viruses are passed back and forth eventually building a natural immunity, which eventually reshaped our total immune system response.

2. Autoimmune Conditions and the HLA-B27 genetic marker.

Ex - We are prone to autoimmune conditions and to a degree seem to be almost allergic to the environment, some with food others malabsorbtion, vit deficiency etc. Also the immune system may be less actively fighting disease in a more open environment and therefore it turns on the body.

3. We tend to be fair skinned and light eyed, as well as having Melanin imbalances and Vit. D Deficiency

Ex - This could be because of a long time dwelling away from the exposure to the sun.

4.) We process CO2 more efficiently.

Ex. - Lock 10 people in an air tight room and with every exhale the air becomes more CO2 and less Oxygen, this could result form living in an underground area with limited exposure to new high oxygen air to enter. We would've had to learn to breath the new environmental air, just as we all learned to survive in amniotic fluid in the womb, the body adjusts. We also tend to be shallow breathers.

5.) We tend to have Iron/Copper imbalances.

Ex - This could either result from food environment or living closer to the magnetic core of the earth or the inner sun

Here is why it could be important. If there is an inner earth it would be a different environment and protected from the effects that we could feel from outside space influences like asteroid, comets, meteors and the sun...

If you are familiar with the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Codes AND have ever sliced open an orange or an apple, they are built by this natural equation and they have an exterior, interior, vein-like cavities and a core. Why would the creator build everything natural on the planet this way and not the planet itself...

If you take your foot and put it on your forearm, your toes should reach the base of your wrist and your heal should cradle at the inner creek of your elbow. If you wrap a sock around your FIST heal to toe, it will fit your foot.

This measurements and creation tactics seem to be done vary on purpose and who knows where that stops. If this thread was mythbusters - I would say plausible!

It is a different approach to an age old question...where do Rh-Negative Fit into the whole story, as Darwin leaves us out.

Rather than ask where the Rh-Negative people came from, we are asking where would the Rh-Negative Body live naturally to have these features.

If I say, I have 4 legs, long hair, drool, sleep on a floor, poop outside and get parvo; you are likely to conclude that I am a dog.

So if an Rh-Negative Person processes CO2 more efficiently, has a lower body temperature, a sensitivity to light while prone to light eyes and skin, a very strong immune system, increase autoimmune issues, breathes more shallowly, is more nocturnal in nature, eats a different diet to stay in optimal health, has protein variation on the blood cells for RH+, etc. Where would this Physical body live most prosperously and/or what kind of environment would cause these difference to mutate and manifest in a human body.

You can read more Origin theories and shared traits at [link to rhnegativeregistry.com]

There is more but you will have to wait to read the update on [link to www.RhNegativeRegistry.com] - so bookmark it.

FYI, My fingers do not keep up with my though process, I can't spell and I abuse punctuation; I have gotten over it - I hope you can too! :)

Next, we must all understand the story of the CHUCK. See alot of you out there say - I am Rh+ this has nothing to do with me - Well You May Be Wrong - if you are a CHUCK.

"WE" are NOT Taught to KNOW just how different we ARE!

Here is some information about the HLA-B27 genetic marker that runs positive in my family for generations. This explains the reasoning for testing both the RH- Status of your blood and the HLA-B27 Genetic Marker if you have Undiagnosed Pain or Joint Issues or have an Autoimmune Disease.

Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are just two of many autoimmune disease that may be more prevalent to those people who are tested positive for a genetic marker called HLA-B27 and which tend to lap over each other making for hard diagnosing of the conditions.

My theory that the Rh-Negative & Recessive Blood Factors are associated with HLA-B27 positive genetic marker readings, is based on the research that 85+% of individuals diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis or "AS"; happen to test positive for the HLA-B27 genetic marker, which is said to be had by only about 8% of the population or less, based on geographical location. I saw a connection because the blood type O- also appears in about 7% of the population and again that percentage varies by the geographical location of the population. After researching this connection and family history, I felt confidant enough to lay out my theory for my mothers' doctors, they listened and tested her for the genetic marker and it came back positive, as did mine, my children's and my grandmother's. Again this is a genetic marker that supposedly only 8% of the world carry.

You do not need to be Rh-Negative to come from an Rh- Blood line...like me. I am 1 of 11 kids and the only Rh- but my parents are both 1/2 breeds :) as in they have a Rh- RECESSIVE blood factor. Some interesting info.

1.) The HLA-B27 genetic marker is said to be had by approx. 8% of the world's population. Similarly Type O- blood is had by about 7% of the world. Both share traits that show their migration pattern through geographical location and ethnic background, nearly hand in hand.

2.) Rh- (- -) and Rh+ (+ +) people have different immune systems. Rh-Negative people have a stronger immune system response. Medical professional's don't even acknowledge people who are Rh (+ -) and the implications it may have on their individual immune system type.

3.) Copper and Inflammation - Copper in an important factor in the body's immune response. It is said that Rh- people are more cooper based and Rh+ people are more iron based. Since Auto immune diseases like AS can cause inflammation, I believe copper levels should be looked at more seriously, especially in relationship to the natural levels for that persons specific blood type. If iron is taken so seriously with anemia, why not look at the connection to copper, inflammation and neuropathy that so many of us complain of.

4.) We process CO2 more efficiently.

5.) We have Vitamin and Mineral Absorption Issues. Especially Vitamin D, B12, B6 and sometimes K, as well as Iron, Zinc and Copper Influxes and Imbalances.

There are other clues I used to put my theory together. So far, I have proven it correct in my family. My mother's doctors never tested her for HLA-B27 or auto immune until I approached them with this information. It was enough to make them take a look at it as a possibility and she was positive. My mother is HLA-B27+ and blood type O+, but she is really blood type OO+ - and to simplify it, her blood type becomes O+. So while she is Rh+...she is also Rh-. If this is not a true statement, she cannot be my mother.

I am type AO - - = Type A-

My hubby OO - + = Type O+

Kid 1 is AO - += Type A+

Kid 2 is OO - + = Type O+

I also believe that the disease manifests itself differently in symptom based on this theory, as it seems Rh- and Rh+ people show the predominance of certain issues and symptoms as a group. Meaning more Rh+ people have issues A,B,& C while Rh- people experience more of D, E, & F. I believe it would be much easier to see these trends with less confusion if there were 12 blood type classifications.

Rh-Positive Types: A+, B+, AB+ & O+

Rh-Negative Types: A-, B-. AB- & O-

Rh-Neutral Types: A+/-, B+/-, AB+/- & O+/-

Over time we've been given the almost unchanging statistics of:

15% are RH- and 85% are RH+

First of all, most people do not know their blood type...so where does this statistic come from???

Since we get one blood type and one blood factor from each parent - WE HAVE TWO.

If your 2 blood factors are -- they call you RH-
If your 2 blood factors are ++ they call you RH+
If your 2 blood factors are +- they still call your RH+ and

You'd be a half breed :) 1/2 Rh+ and RH-. If Rh+ are built one way and Rh- are built a completely different way...What about the person in the middle - They RH+/-? They must be different as well. Our immune systems, transfer systems, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, iron and copper levels and more!

My story of the Chuck... If a chicken (Rh++) and a duck (Rh--) try to mate, they do NOT create a CHUCK (Rh+/-)naturally....BUT if there was an animal called a CHUCK (RH+/-) it would have an easier time mating with both the chick (Rh++) and the duck (Rh--), because it is 1/2 of what it is trying to mate with...

I think the confusion in the body of the CHUCK Rh+/- creates a "dis-eased" condition.

I also think the stats have to be more like 15-20% Rh-, 25-30% RH+ and the rest 50-60% Rh+/-

Hope this helps you understand how I began down this road of research. My parents, siblings and kids are all CHUCKS....I am the only rare DUCK! Come stop by for some other great realted info [link to www.RhNegativeRegistry.com]

Please comment - it's the only way to get to the bottom of this human condition. We are being treated now, as cattle.

Also, give me your thought...IF we Rh-Negs are related to the "Elite, TBTP, The Illuminati Lines, whatever....If we do better in an environment richer in CO2...Why the Big deal about Global Warming?? I mean would it not just kill off those RH++ peoplee they always claim are over running the place to begin with? Hmmmm... Please share your thoughts.
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Direct Link to the 4 Founding Mothers Study > [link to rhnegativeregistry.com]
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