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Message Subject the Tribe of Dan and the decendents of Cain.The Anti-Christ King--Juan Carlos THE 13TH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE
Poster Handle Geminii
Post Content
Who me?? I was just stateing something I found through my research. If you were talking to me, my statement was made to the first post......
Which now I need to add to the dumdumb, who stated that Lucifer could not have a blood line because of blah blah blah......
Apparently, you skipped the 1st book of the bible. God opened the deluge to get rid of the half breeds that you said could never happen. Didnt it say something like the angels saw the daughters of man and found them fair and took for them wives. Pick up your bible for an exact quoate.
Not only this but alot of schalors are now thinking Lucifer could have an exact blood line.........
To the person above me go to youtube and search the ROYAL RED DRAGON BLOODLINE, you might find it interesting
^_^....(<3 2 ALL)
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