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Message Subject the Tribe of Dan and the decendents of Cain.The Anti-Christ King--Juan Carlos THE 13TH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE
Poster Handle freechristian
Post Content
I have done a lot of research on the Tribe of Dan and this is what I have discovered.

I can't explain everything here but if you study the pointers by googling key words you will get my drift.

There is a big mystery around European Royalty and especially the Merovingian line. The ET IN ARCADIA EGO stuff etc etc.

Arcadia goes right back to Ancient Sumeria but manifested in Ancient Greece. It is connected to the tribe of Dan.

Now... This is the interesting part because apparently NOBODY is talking about this family.

The Tribe of Dan were metal workers, craftsmen and mariners.

The Hyksos Pharaohs were DAN. They were the Shepherd Kings (Remember Poussin's famous painting ET IN ARCADIA EGO)

DAN left with Moses in the Exodus even the Ark of the Covenant was built by Aholiab of the tribe of DAN.

For those who have an interest in Freemasonry you will find that Hiram of Tyre was of DAN.

Also of interest is the presence of the SHARDANA or SHER DEN as Ramesses II elite bodyguard and fighting corps. This makes them Knights of Kadesh. Ring a bell?

In the Ancient languages there are no vowels so SHARDANA or SHER DEN is written SHRDN.

The tribe of Dan often displays a LION on a yellow background.

Have a look at the SHERIDAN clans coat of arms. They are the SHAH DAN or SHER DAN meaning Princes of Dan or Lions of Dan Sher is a persian word meaning Lion or King or Shining one. Shah comes from it.

The Pope has been kicked out. Asteroids just missing the Earth are called DA14 . N = 14th letter of the alphabet.

If the Antichrist comes from Dan then it has to be of the Sheridan lineage. Funnily enough I have a fair idea who that might be.
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