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Message Subject the Tribe of Dan and the decendents of Cain.The Anti-Christ King--Juan Carlos THE 13TH ILLUMINATI BLOODLINE
Poster Handle luis_rcoelho
Post Content
You should not be talking about issues you do not know, because by doing that, you are inducing others in error and prejudice. The anti Christ having the bloodline of Jesus? Are you nuts or something? And then you even admit you never heard about the tribe of dan? Obviously you do not read the Bible, otherwise you would have know about this tribe. Fritz Springmeier is yet another deceiver; he gains or tries to gain credibility by exposing loads of factual conspiracies and by stating he himself came from an illuminate family. Nice trick and very clever. If he knows so much and if Fritz believes the catholic church is involved, why didn't Fritz let you know wht exactly is written in albert pike's morals and dogma, or madame Blavatsky the secret doctrine, or alice bailey externalization of the hierarchy? All of these and a lot more evil personalities, like adam weishaupt, mazinni, Edward bernays, Aldous Huxley, saul ainsky, etc, all vowed to destroy the catholic church. Why don't you type on google "the permanent instruction of the alta vendetta"? A freemasonic plan for the destruction of the catholic church, by infiltrating agents to destroy it from within; these evil people are the responsible for all sexual scandals, but who knows about it? And even if I am giving you facts, I quite doubt you will look into it, because like other, you have been deeply brainwashed to have a bias agains the catholic church and you will want to keep that hate mongering bias...Be honest and stop being a hypocrite!!
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