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The Shocking “Treasure Trove” Discovered in Ted Kennedy’s Cape Cod Home Attic

Anonymous Coward
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United States
12/27/2009 01:12 PM
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The Shocking “Treasure Trove” Discovered in Ted Kennedy’s Cape Cod Home Attic
“Treasure Trove” Discovered in Ted Kennedy’s Cape Cod Home Attic

[link to deathby1000papercuts.com]

According to the National Enquirer-yes, we know, the old “consider the super market tabloid” source, but consider this, it was the Enquirer who kept after the John Edwards Pregnant Mistress/Love Child story when the MSM looked the other way. We know, because we were in the trenches with the Enquirer, while John Edwards’ confession, the federal grand jury proceedings underway in North Carolina, and, Andrew Young’s soon to be released “tell-all on Edwards book” is ample evidence the Enquirer “got it right” in regards to Edwards. Back to the Enquirer’s latest “find”: The “shocking treasure trove” in Teddy Kennedy’s attic.

According to the Enquirer, workers cleaning out Ted Kennedy’s historic Cape Cod home discovered in the attic, boxes, safes, and lock boxes that had been gathering dust “for decades”. One interesting item discovered: a tiny brain fragment preserved in a solution of formaldehyde:

“The family knows that Bobby Kennedy was given part of JFK’s brain after his autopsy, and that it was not buried with him,” said the family adviser.

“Bobby may have meant to have it cremated or something. Most likely he was assassinated before he could do anything with it.”

While this may seem too bizarre to believe, someone keeping a “brain fragment” in their attic, especially one from a “beloved” brother who was assassinated, a 1998 Washington Post article, Archive Photos Not of JFK’s Brain, Concludes Aide to Review Board was written about the findings of the staff report for the Assassinations Records Review Board which had found doctors who conducted the autopsy on JFK may have performed “two brain examinations” on “two different brains”:

The central contention of the report is that brain photographs in the Kennedy records are not of Kennedy’s brain and show much less damage than Kennedy sustained when he was shot in Dallas and brought to Parkland Hospital there on Nov. 22, 1963. The doctors at Parkland told reporters then that they thought Kennedy was shot from the front and not from behind as the Warren Commission later concluded.

“I am 90 to 95 percent certain that the photographs in the Archives are not of President Kennedy’s brain,” Horne, a former naval officer, said in an interview. “If they aren’t, that can mean only one thing — that there has been a coverup of the medical evidence.” Horne contends that the damage to the second brain reflected a shot from behind. He says the first brain was Kennedy’s and reflected a shot from the front.


The report points to, for instance, the testimonies of former FBI agent Francis X. O’Neill Jr., who was present at the Nov. 22, 1963, autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, and of former Navy photographer John T. Stringer, who said he took photos at a supplementary brain examination two or three days later, probably on the morning of Nov. 25.

O’Neill told the board in a 1997 deposition that at the Nov. 22 autopsy “there was not too much of the brain left” when it was taken out of Kennedy’s skull and “put in a white jar.” He said “more than half of the brain was missing.”

Shown the brain photographs deeded to the Archives by the Kennedy family, which were taken sometime after the autopsy, O’Neill said they did not square with what he saw. The “only section of the brain which is missing is this small section over here,” O’Neill said of one photograph. “This looks almost like a complete brain.”

Also found in Ted’s attic: Letters with “Nazi seals” written to Kennedy patriarch Joe Kennedy when Kennedy served as Ambassador to Britain:

“They had the Nazi seal, an eagle holding a 15swastika in its talons, on each page. They are written in German script and even bear the lightning strike symbol of the SS,” divulged the adviser.

The Nazi letters in Ted’s attic may, or may not give more insight into Joseph Kennedy’s proclivity for Hitler and Nazi Germany as Kennedy’s “Jew hatred” and “fondness” for Hitler have been well documented.

The following excerpt is from Edward Renehan, Jr.’s Joseph Kennedy and the Jews:

As fiercely anti-Communist as they were anti-Semitic, Kennedy and Astor looked upon Adolf Hitler as a welcome solution to both of these “world problems” (Nancy’s phrase). No member of the so-called “Cliveden Set” (the informal cabal of appeasers who met frequently at Nancy Astor’s palatial home) seemed much concerned with the dilemma faced by Jews under the Reich. Astor wrote Kennedy that Hitler would have to do more than just “give a rough time” to “the killers of Christ” before she’d be in favor of launching “Armageddon to save them. The wheel of history swings round as the Lord would have it. Who are we to stand in the way of the future?” Kennedy replied that he expected the “Jew media” in the United States to become a problem, that “Jewish pundits in New York and Los Angeles” were already making noises contrived to “set a match to the fuse of the world.”

During May of 1938, Kennedy engaged in extensive discussions with the new German Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Herbert von Dirksen. In the midst of these conversations (held without approval from the U.S. State Department), Kennedy advised von Dirksen that President Roosevelt was the victim of “Jewish influence” and was poorly informed as to the philosophy, ambitions and ideals of Hitler’s regime. (The Nazi ambassador subsequently told his bosses that Kennedy was “Germany’s best friend” in London.)

In Jerry Zeifman’s Profiles in Treason: Joseph Kennedy, Tyler Kent And Scott McClellan Zeifman wrote that, after Kennedy was appointed ambassador, Kennedy supported Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement. And,

“In 1938, as the Nazi persecution of Jews intensified, Kennedy attempted―again without FDR’s approval―to obtain an audience with Adolf Hitler. In September 1940, shortly before World War II broke out, Kennedy―once again without presidential approval―sought to negotiate personally with Hitler.”

After Roosevelt fired Kennedy in 1940, Kennedy became a supporter of “America First”:

“Kennedy then became a supporter of the “America First” movement founded by Charles Lindbergh, who had met Hitler and was also a Nazi sympathizer. At that time “America First” was also supported Fritz Kuhn, the American fuehrer of the “German-American Bund.”


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United States
12/27/2009 01:32 PM
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Re: The Shocking “Treasure Trove” Discovered in Ted Kennedy’s Cape Cod Home Attic
User ID: 850704
United Kingdom
12/27/2009 01:45 PM
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Re: The Shocking “Treasure Trove” Discovered in Ted Kennedy’s Cape Cod Home Attic
how many times do i have to tell you people this - it is so blatantly clear from the video evidence that it was the wife that shot him... !

Its so BLATANT ...!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 497757
United States
12/28/2009 07:08 PM
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Re: The Shocking “Treasure Trove” Discovered in Ted Kennedy’s Cape Cod Home Attic