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Message Subject Does God just pass out souls to whoever spreads their legs and wants a baby?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Related question:

If a soul is creating by the merging of the energies of the parents, does an in-vitro baby has a soul or ie he/she only flesh???

I was going to ask the same question in my original post.

I am not saying that babies born to unborn mothers are not wanted.

I am stating that God seems to give out souls to people in situations and places in the world that is not the best environment for a baby to be born.

Like parts of Ethiopia or to crack mom's or others, yet there are MANY couples who are healthy, loving, economically sound and trying to have a baby yet cannot.

So, does God just passed them out at random or is it not his department at all?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 818168

'God' has nothing to do with souls. It is your own Higher Self that decides where and when you are born, to whom, what kind of "experience" you are to have, and when and how you are going to die. This is all decided before you are even born. Souls come from Infinite Consciousness.
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