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Message Subject Ufo over San Diego, (El Cajon) New Years
Poster Handle Warminster_UK
Post Content
Was out the back of my house this NYE 2009/2010 in Warminster UK at about 1030 pm. Clear sky, looking up and saw one extremely bright red 'star' tracking accross the sky from west to east, no aircraft lights on it, just a spikey looking 'flame'. Waited for it to burn out as it hit the atmosphere (assuming it was a shooting star) but the thing just kept moving till it was just a speck in the distance.

For the past 20 or so years Warminster has been infamous for UFO's but this is the first sighting Ive had myself that was clearly not an aircraft, shooting star or satelite.

Had a google search to see if anyone else in Warminster saw it the NYE but as Warminster's supposed to be a number one UFO hot-spot anyway just found the usual books and old sightings!

NB: There is also a millitary training base here where they're know to test knew technology often so I'm still very skeptical that this is indeed extra terrestrial though was pretty amazing to see.
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