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Message Subject Breaking: Aliens landed at Baalbek!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Let you in on a secret, ancient summerians and greeks, as well as egyptians and romans worshiped the planets as gods.

To Rome, Mars was apollo, the god of war.

Iīll add nothing or take nothing from the truth you posted other than to say the fallen ones were not considered gods by the ancients, the planets were their gods.

I suggest reading

[link to www.varchive.org]


When finished there, look for a book written by Donald Patton. Then you will understand many things about manīs past that no teacher in any form of school will be able to teach you. normal channels of "education" have 98% of it figured all wrong.

An example is how they explain the formation of the planets in this solar system.

They tell you that given enough time, the impossible becomes the very thing that is. But impossible means it canīt be, not that it canīt until enough time passes by.
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