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Message Subject Breaking: Aliens landed at Baalbek!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Anonymous Coward
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9:56 am EDT

You are wondering why YHWH had Jehu slay the priests of Baal and why YWHW will slay those who worship Baal -- you state that it would not be a just, fair, and righteous God that would, as you say, hate them.

It is important that you understand who Baal is and the worshippers of Baal. Baal is the leader of the fallen angels, i.e., Lucifer.

What was the reason for the invasion? This is the story of the whole Bible, i.e., there was Eden/Paradise on Earth; there was the sin of Eve who was with the serpent in Eden. We can discern that the forebidden fruit of the serpent was likely to have been the sexual union of Eve and the Serpent -- giving rise to Cain. We can intuit that this is probably true given that Eve´s first son was Cain. Cain was disfavored by God; God favored Abel, Eve´s second son. Cain killed Abel and Cain was cursed. Seth, Eve´s third son, is the lineage of Christ.

The genetic contamination of the Eve/Serpent/Cain lineage was an effort by Lucifer (the serpent) to prevent Christ´s incarnation -- to prevent the redemptive sacrifice of Christ that saves us from our sins. If the lineage of Adam could be contaminated to prevent Christ´s incarnation, then humanity would have been forever imprisoned in this original sin of Eve.

However, through Seth, Christ was born. Nonetheless, the Serpent continued after Seth´s birth to attempt to stop the incarnation of Christ. This resulted in the fallen one´s sharing of evil technology, etc., prior to the Great Flood. Humanity became overrun with evil just before the flood.

Noah, of Seth´s lineage, escaped the catastrophic end of the last civilization before this one in the ark. The evil that had gotten entirely out of control was contained for a while.

However, the fallen ones were still trying to prevent the incarnation of God, Jesus Christ, from happening -- trying to prevent the redemptive work of Christ. And evil spread again with the giants of the Old Testament. God responded by having Israelite warriors, e.g., Jehu and David, Moses, and others to make war on the giants and the worshippers of Baal (the fallen ones´ leader is Lucifer). Eventually most of the giants were destroyed and most of the worshippers of Baal were killed and/or driven from the Promised Land.

Some of the Baal worshippers, of the tribe of Dan, went north into Europe. Baal worship spread across ancient Europe in the Celtic peoples and elsewhere through the Phoenicians.

Even while Mary was pregnant with Jesus, Lucifer was still trying to prevent Jesus´s birth. Shortly after the birth, while Jesus was an infant, King Herod sent his legions into Bethlehem to kill every male child under age 2 there in an attempt to kill Jesus while he was an infant. But He and the Holy Family escaped to Egypt.

When Christ came of age, He was again tempted by Lucifer to sin -- so as to render Christ imperfect and, thus, not be able to be the perfect Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world. But Christ is God in the flesh; Immanuel, who is the "Second Adam" -- the first born of the New Creation.

Ultimately Christ was crucified -- but He was perfect and without sin and from a lineage that had not been contaminated by the genes of the fallen angels. And, the 3rd day, Jesus arose from the dead and ascended into Heaven and is soon to come to judge the quick and the dead.

Even so, after the glorious resurrection of Christ, the genetic contamination of the fallen ones spread across the face of the earth. The worship of Baal, as spread far and wide by the tribe of Dan and the Phoenicians continues to destroy the old creation. The game is the same -- to seduce humanity into worship of Lucifer with the exchange of technology, power, and high position in government, etc.

This culminates in the appearance of the ultimate evil of the AntiChrist, the False Prophet, and the Beast that will seduce many into hell and destruction. However, Christ will return soon, and completely destroy this evil that overtakes the whole earth. Those who have not truly accepted Christ as Lord will perish; the fallen angels will be cast into hell; and there will be 1,000 years of peace on the earth.

And what is all of this in a nutshell? This earth was originally perfect and whole. We were invaded by fallen angels who broke the prime directive. Such a breech resulted in genetic contamination of humanity. God wants this genetic contamination out of here; wants the evil that comes with that contamination out of here; but wants humanity that is uncontaminated by evil to remain here as it was with the First Adam and as was re-established by Christ, Who is the Second Adam. But there are many generations of humans since Christ came that are the potential inhabitants of the New Creation -- IF the humans CHOOSE to be there in their personal acceptance of Christ as their own personal savior. The last 2000 or so years have been a field ripe for harvest of souls -- who will be in the New Creation and who will perish and go to hell? It is by our own choice that we go either to the New Creation or to hell.

And the time-frame for how long this current "old creation" bumbles along is not infinite at all -- in fact, it is soon to be over. The evil that has been spread all over the planet by the fallen ones and the Baal worshippers has nearly overcome the planet. Evil is everywhere and growing more horrific with each passing year.

Baal worshippers and fallen angels are running the planet´s governments even now -- even the US Government. Everyone with any spiritual insight at all is aware of the traitorous selling-out of all nations into a global police state in time. Anyone with any spiritual vision sees the evil culminating in massive wars and a final totally evil world system run by the head of the fallen ones, Lucifer. Anyone with any spiritual vision is aware of the Death Agenda of the Baal worshippers and the fallen angels. And many are still deluded to think that they can trade their lives for technology and power and prestige, etc. It is a SHAM! It is a deception!!

The current "old creation" will end in fire. The end of the matter is brought upon the world by its own refusal to acknowledge that Christ is exactly Who He Said He Was. It will be brought upon the world by the lying demons and fallen angels and worshippers of Baal who believe they can be Kings of the Earth but who will shortly be brought to total catastrophic extinction. Their own evil will consume them.

Come out of the world system now while you still have time. Accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour so that you might be included in the New Creation where there is no genetic contamination of the fallen angels and no evil. Even if your genes are corrupted by the fallen angels´ you can still be saved -- your spirit can be saved and you´ll receive your new body in the New Creation. Every sin can be forgiven you; Christ´s redemptive work is finished and was perfect and made a way for you, yes you reading this right now, to escape the evil that is overtaking the whole planet.

The prime directive is God´s Law. The Earth is to be perfect and not polluted with the genes of the fallen ones. Though the fallen ones may beguile with technology, mysteries, powers, and wonders, the current world system is going to be totally and completely obliterated. It is necessary to purge the world with fire so to remove this evil from the earth.

What should you, personally, do? In prayer to YHWH, God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ, ask the following in faith:

"Dear Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus. I confess that I am a sinner; I confess that I cannot save myself; I confess that You are exactly Who You say You are and are God and Christ. I ask You, Lord Jesus, to save me, come into my heart and spirit, and bring me into Your New Creation. I ask You, Lord Jesus, to protect me from evil and teach me Your ways. In Jesus´ holy name I ask this. Amen."

Even so if you ask God to save you, you are likely to be attacked by evil as it is everywhere and growing stronger as the end of the age approaches. Indeed, you may be physically imprisoned, killed, and martyred for your faith -- but hold fast. This current age is going down -- big time -- you can see it, feel it, sense it... and it is going to be utterly and totally destroyed. Even if you are killed here now is no loss, only gain, as this age is ending and all that is here now shall be destroyed very soon.

The Prime Directive is God´s Law. Had the fallen ones stayed away from here, it would be Paradise/Eden here even now. They did not. They most certainly came and are here now. They will be removed; all shall be removed and only those who are God´s shall be in the New Creation.

Amen to those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and minds to understand beyond the deception that is everywhere and all around you.

There is one and only one Light of the World and that one Light is Jesus Christ Himself.
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