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Message Subject Girls aged 12 and 14 hold up bank in Ohio
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Do you think it's just rap music that is manipulating young peoples minds??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 845309

lol , in the uk , the adverts for the army , show xbox controllers used for the uav,s

i am well aware of what call of duty is doing to kids , making them love war .

i have a kid in ,my work who just left for the marines , i tried telling him the reality of war , i joined up in the navy during 1st gulf war ,i never saw combat . but i thing a lot of the ps3 etc games are geared up to numb the kids from reality of war , if they can get perfect kills on a game ? they think its a similar situ in a combat zone

it is so amazing how the media is changing society habbits , i,m lucky i can see this and i try my hardest to preach to the kids about the pitfalls of 21,s century life .

this is not how i immagined it would be , growing up in the eightys
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