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Message Subject Breaking: 304 U.S. soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
LOL itīs amazing that you people will complain of the blind sheep you all seem to think you are better and more intelligent than, yet you fall for obvious propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

And why? Because like any ideologue, you donīt question things that you agree with. Anything that you hear that you disagree with or doesnīt support your world view you launch a detailed investigation, combing the story for any anomalies and discrepancies.

Yet, something comes out that supports your ideology, it is accepted no questions asked as if God himself had come to you and pronounced it true.

You are being pulled like a puppet on a string and in your arrogant ideological blindness you not only have no idea itīs happening, you have the nerve to call Bubba the redneck Fox News watcher blinded by propaganda--not realizing that you are no different than Bubba.

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