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Message Subject Breaking: 304 U.S. soldiers ordered killed by Pentagon in Iraq
Poster Handle Solsearcher
Post Content
The full-blown criminal regime of George Bush is now pushing full-bore for their plutocratic elitist masters´ long sought after New World Order.

All serious unbiased open minded researchers are well aware that the events of 9-11-01 were planned and executed by the Bush junta with an eye towards using manufactured false flag terrorism to strip the American middle class of what was left of their liberties and replace it with a totalitarian regime.

The world trade agreements (NAFTA, GAAT, FTAA, etc.)as well as the orchestrated gutting of the dollar, not to mention the unwarranted spike in oil prices, are specifically designed to destroy the American economy and bring the middle class to its knees.

The American middle class is under assault from the illegitimate, corrupt, plutocratic elitist Lucifer worshipping controlled mob in Washington, D.C. (District of Criminals).

Everyone would be well advised to stock up on necessities and munitions for the battle for what is left of America!
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